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About Ukraine

Ukrainian Flag

  • Independent  since 24.08.1991
  • Add 2 hours to GMT upon arrival
  • Official language is Ukrainian
  • Major religion is Ukrainian orthodox Christianity
  • Population is 48 million people
  • About 3 million live in the capital city Kiev
  • Ukraine is the second biggest country in Europe (603,700 square km)
  • Ukraine is divided into 24 regions.
  • Borders: Poland, Russia, Belorussia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova
  • Summer time one hour forward in March, winter one hour back in October
  • Big cities: Kharkov, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lvov, Yalta
  • Ukraine is a parliamentary country, current president  Viktor Yanukovich
  • Local currency is called Hryvnya (UAH) also spelled Hryvnia or Hryvna
  • Climate is continental, subtropical in southern parts at the Black Sea.
  • Kiev (Kyiv) is believed to have been founded around 482 A.D.

Ukraine. All about U

Welcome to Ukraine

Ukrainian Habits

Ukrainians are generous, be ready to tour your friends' houses for dinners and drinks. Show good manners by taking off your shoes when you enter the house. You won't go wrong with bringing a small present as a thanks for inviting you. When you host a party and make a toast to thank your guests for coming, they might think it's time to leave so save that for the end. For heartbreakers - remember the ring is worn on right hand here and flowers are given in odd numbers!

Oops! There seem to be more pickpockets lately out there. Ignore tricksters claiming you've dropped some money, trying to make you take out your wallet. Some, though dressed normally, will show you a fake police ID and demand to check your documents - do not show them anything and try to walk away or call someone on your phone. Ladies, watch your bags closely in crowded places - even in cafes and restaurants - have your belongings always in sight.

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The Chernobyl Disaster

The world's worst nuclear reactor disaster occurred at the Chernobyl Power Station in the USSR (now Ukraine) on April 26, 1986. Thirty-one people died at the time, and 28,200 sq. km.(10,900 sq. miles) of land and 1.7 million people were exposed to radiation. During a routine test, reactor number 4 was operating on very low power, which made it unstable due to the reactor’s design. A sudden surge of power resulted in two explosions, which wrecked the reactor core and blasted a hole in the roof of the power station. It's not known how many of the estimated 200,000 people involved in the clean-up operation died in the following the disaster, as no systematic records were kept.

Name of Ukrainian months and meanings:

No. English name Ukrainian name Transliteration Ukrainian meaning
1 January Січень Sichen' month of dreadful ice
2 February Лютий Liutyi cruel or frosty
3 March Березень Berezen' month of the bereza (birch)
4 April Квітень Kviten' month of flowering
5 May Травень Traven' month of grass
6 June Червень Cherven' month of the May bug
7 July Липень Lypen' month of the lipa (tilia)
8 August Серпень Serpen' month of the sickle
9 September Вересень Veresen' heather
10 October Жовтень Zhovten' yellow month
11 November Листопад Lystopad month of falling leaves
12 December Грудень Hruden' month of frozen clods

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Map of Ukraine

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Ukrainian Holidays 

New Year


Christmas 7-Jan
Women's Day 8-Mar
Easter 27-Apr
Labour Day 1,2-May
Victory Day 9-May
Pentecost 15-Jun
Constitution 28-Jun
Independence 24-Aug

Unofficial Holidays

Old New Year 14-Jan
St. Valentine 14-Feb
Men's Day 23-Feb
Maslenitsa March
April Fool's 1-Apr
Kiev Days last May wknd
Youth Day 24-Ju

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