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Euro 2012

Official Host City Kyiv website 

National Sports Complex "Olimpiyskiy"

3 matches in Group D (Ukraine, Sweden, France, England), quarter-final, final

The NSC "Olimpiyskiy" is the biggest sports complex (70,050 seats) among other sports arenas getting ready for EURO 2012.

It is a multifunction sports arena for holding football matches and track and field tournaments. The new stadium is a unique synergy of 90 years of sport history of Ukraine, a new image and advanced technologies applied in accordance with world standards.

Kyiv-Camp 2012

Football Fans Camp Litvinovka

Helpful Downloads including Fan Guides in English, German, Swedish and Ukrainian

UEFA EURO 2012 fan zones

Kyiv Fan Zone

Official Host City Donetsk website

Donbass Arena

3 matches in Group  D (Ukraine, Sweden, France, England), quarter-final, semi-final
Seating capacity: 51,504

Donbass Arena is the first stadium in Eastern Europe designed and built in line with UEFA elite standards.

The eye-catching stadium was designed by Arup Sport, which was the creative and inspirational force behind some of the world’s greatest arenas, such as the City of Manchester Stadium (Manchester, England), Allianz Arena stadium (Munich, Germany), the new stadium of Valencia CF (Valencia, Spain), Sydney Football Stadium (Sydney, Australia), Beijing National Stadium (or the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, China) etc. The Donbass Arena’s design is the brain child of Arup’s internationally-renowned British architect, Jay Parrish, and his vision is crystallized in the building’s glazed facade, soaring roof, dramatic lighting scheme and elegant landscaping.

Donetsk Football Fans Camp

Donetsk Fan Zone

Official Host City Lviv website

Lviv Stadium

3 matches in Group B (Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal)
Seating capacity: 32,767

Arena Lviv is comfortable and beautiful sport facility with well-developed infrastructure designed specially for UEFA Euro 2012 and is designated for maintaining a service at football and entertainment events of the highest level and scope.

Arena Lviv has been designed as a "green stadium". Around the sports facilities there is anticipated planting of thousands of plants - trees, bushes and flowers. The unusual system of watering the stadium lawn is also focused on the harmonious combination with the environment: two water basins near the stadium collect rainwater for future use.

Lviv Football Fans Camp

Lviv Fan Zone

Official Host City Kharkiv website

Kharkiv Metalist Stadium

3 matches in Group B (Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal)
Seating capacity: 38,633

Following reconstruction of the Kharkiv arena (2007 to 2009) the Metalist stadium became known as a "spider," due to its original roof. Because of impossibility to lean on the old tribunes the construction was developed, which cover them as a “spider” with bearings beyond the stadium’s bowl. This know-how of Kharkiv designers, with the roof not based on the grandstand body, provides its exceptional endurance.

Kharkiv Fan Zone

Kharkiv Football Fans Camp

Here you can find more useful information on all host cities.

Ukraine. All about U - host cities and much more

High-speed railway operation between host cities

Introduction of the high-speed railway operation between Euro-2012 host cities is one of the most important tasks that Ukraine has to solve within the prepatation to the European football championship framework. According to information by responsible officials, it will be finally implemented at the end of May.

The high-speed operation's exact launch date is unknown yet, while new electric trains are still being tested on Ukrainian railroads. At the same time, the 'Ukrzaliznytsia's authorities assure that first 'Ukrainian Express' trains will start running between Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv on the May 27. Earlier the Ministry of Infrastructure predicted that bookings and sales of ticket for high-speed trains will start on May 15.

If you want to buy train tickets, please, click here


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