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Ukraine Sightseeing

Places to visit in Ukraine  
Cities & Towns 

Bila Tserkva
The town was founded in 1032 as Yuriev by Yaroslav the Wise, whose Christian name was Yuri. The present name of the city, literally translated, is "White Church" and may refer to the (not longer extant) white-painted cathedral of medieval Yuriev.
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Cherkassy is a city in central Ukraine and is the capital of the Cherkassy region. The city is located on the river Dnepr and is a lively place with many educational institutions, several museums and other cultural venues. Cherkassy is about 1,5 hours drive from Kiev which makes it a great one day trip destination.
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Cherkassy, Ukraine

The history of Chernigov dates back to 10th century and the city remains a place of interest thanks to many historical buildings and sites uncovered in excavations. Chernigov for example features the oldest Ukrainian cathedral where you can see remains of the Byzantine architecture. 
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Chernigov, Ukraine

Chernobyl was the scene of one of the worst nuclear disasters ever. Although marked as one of the most toxic places on Earth, it attracts many tourists. There are organised day tours from Kiev on offer for those who want to see with their own eyes what is left from this originally quiet town. The area is now deserted with most houses still in the condition as they were left hurriedly after the explosion. Visitors must obtain a permission to enter the zone.

Chernobyl, Ukraine


The history of Chernovtsi began many centuries ago. Archeological evidence indicates there was a population in the area since the neolithic era. Artifacts from the Bronze and Iron ages have been found in the city, remains of early Slavic tribes discovered in the area date back to the 2nd to 5th century and artifacts of Croatian and Tiverian people found originate from the 9th to 11th century. The fortified settlement originally located on the left bank of the river Prut is believed to have been built by the Great Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl who ruled the region in the 12th century.
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Chernovtsi, Ukraine


Crimea is a penninsula in the south of Ukraine with most of the coastline bordering with the Black Sea and on the east with Azov Sea. Crimea offers just about all possible attractions - sunny beaches for leisure, beautiful nature for walks or hiking, historically interesting places such as the Livadia Palace and many others.
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Crimea, Ukraine

Dnepropetrovsk is one of the major cities of Ukraine quickly developing into an important business center. The city used to be a key location for the Russian nuclear and arms industries and due to its military importance it was actually closed to foreigners until 1990s. Dnepropetrovsk also has its own metro and airport.
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Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Donetsk was founded in 1689 by an English technician named J.J. Hughes. Mr. Hughes built the smithy that became the first production line of the future metallurgical plant. Donetsk was then known as Hughesovka (Yuzovka or Huzovka) until 1924. Afterwards the city was called Stalino until 1961. It was given the status of a city in 1917 and became the capital of the Donetsk region in 1932.
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Donetsk, Ukraine


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Lvov is one of the World Architectural Monuments protected by UNESCO. It is located near the border with Poland and the architecture is influenced strongly by the proximity to this neighboring country. Lvov is some 550 kilometers far from Kiev and has population of about 730,000. It is an attractive historical and cultural destination for tourists and artists. You can reach Lvov (Lviv in Ukrainian) by car of course or take a night train from Kiev.
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 Lvov, Ukraine

Lutsk is one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine. The name  Lutsk was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle from 1085. It was a meeting point of great European monarchs in 1429, it witnessed the war in 1431 and became a shelter for people of Volyn Region during the war against Tatars at the end of the 15th century. Lutsk was totally destroyed and burned twice (in 1240 and 1500) but the city was always reconstructed and was known on European maps as Luchesk the Great.
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 Lutsk, Ukraine

Kharkov is Ukraine's second biggest city and used to be the capital of the country between 1917 - 1934. Kharkov is an imortant transport node and the scientific and industrial potential of East Ukraine. Kharkov is considered to be a big educational and cultural centre famous for outstanding poets, artists, actors etc who have made considerable contribution to the national culture.
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 Kharkov, Ukraine

Odessa is the biggest port of Ukraine located on the Black Sea about 480 kilometers south from Kiev. It has a population of over 1 million people. The city regularly hosts many cultural events and conferences and there are also several consulates and trade missions of other countries. It is a good weekend trip destination from Kiev combining culture and relax at the beach. The city becomes particularly lively in the summer when there is a body art festival taking place annually.
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Odessa, Ukraine


Poltava is immortalized in Pushkin's long poem of the same name, which describes the battle between the invading army of Karl XII of Sweden, his Cossak allies led by Hetman Ivan Mazepa and the Russian army commanded by Peter the Great in 1709. There is a museum dedicated to this event with a rather small but interesting exhibition. Apart from the historical events and museums that document them though Poltava is a quiet town with little else to see.
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 Poltava, Ukraine

Yalta is considered to be the center of Crimea and most tourists head here first. There is no airport so you have to commute from Simferopol by trolleybus which can be one way of starting your Crimean trip with fun. There are of course beaches in Yalta as well as many hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment centers. The place is known for the 1945 Yalta conference, sometimes also called Crimean conference attended by President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Generalissimo Stalin.

Yalta, Ukraine


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zhytomyrCreating a new page. New page name: Zhytomyr.html. New page title: zhytomyr
Zhytomyr is the regional center of the Zhytomyr Oblast (Region). Legend holds that Zhytomyr was established about 884 by Zhytomyr, prince of a Slavic tribe of Drevlians. This date, 884, is cut in the large stone of the ice age times, standing nowadays on the hill where Zhytomyr was founded. The first records of the town date from 1240 when it was sacked by the Mongol hordes of Batu Khan.
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Parks, Castles & Monuments 

Kachanovka Park
The estate of Kachanovka, which is located near the village of Parafievka on the banks of the Smosh River, occupies a total of 700 hectares and comprises about 15 buildings, including the palace itself. It was originally built in the 18th century. In 2001, President Kuchma gave the park the status of national heritage site.
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Kachanovka Park, Ukraine


Kamyana Mohyla
Kamyana Mohyla is still a rather unknown sightseeing spot with impressive stone monuments built thousands of years ago. The statues were discovered in the 19th century and the site is considered an archeological treasure just like for example Stonehenge.
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Kamyana Mohyla, Ukraine


For many centuries Kamyanets-Podilsky was a major cultural centre for Podillya area. In 1977, to preserve the historical and architectural heritage of the city which numbers over 200 monuments, by a decree passed by the Ukrainian SSR Council of Ministers, Kamyanets-Podolsk was proclaimed a historical and architectural preserve.
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Kamyanets-Podolsk, Ukraine 

Khotyn's main attraction is the Khotyn castle with walls towering 50 meters high, overlooking the picturesque valley of river Dniester.
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Khotyn, , Ukraine


Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo is an open-air museum or skansen - on large meadows there are old windmills, beehives and houses brought from various regions of Ukraine to represent and show the different architctural styles of this enormous country. The museum is just outside Kiev and you can shop there at a small market where craftsmen sell their products or you can take a ride in a carriage. Pirogovo is a perfect place to visit over and over when you want to take a relaxing walk or go for a picnic with your friends.
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Pirogovo, Ukraine


Sofyivka Park
Sofyivka is a large park with lakes and ponds connected by canals where you can take a boat to go from one end to the other, rent a boat to just relax on the water or simply stroll and enjoy the nature. There are musicians playing classical music at one lake, stands with refreshments and souveniers at another, there is a romantic little island with a gazebo and all in all it is particularly nice to take your date, partner or family out here. Sofyivka is about 2 hours drive from Kiev.
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Sofyivka park, Ukraine


Trypillian Civilization is an archeological name for the Neolithic culture that existed on the territory of present-day Ukraine. This culture is also known as Cucuteni on the territory of Romania. Trypillian culture was discovered in the year 1897 near the small village of Trypillia (south of Kyiv, Ukraine). Vicenty Khvoika, the archeologist who made the discovery, named this new and unknown to the world culture - The Trypillian Civilization. From that moment on, the territory of Ukraine became a homeland to one of the most ancient civilizations - The Trypillian Civilization, which flourished on her territory between 7,500 to 4,750 years back in history.
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