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Traditional/Regional Cuisine
A first visit to Kiev demands one try the region's specialities. Surely, this means starting with a visit to a Ukrainian venue for Chicken Kiev or Varenniky (dumplings stuffed with various fillings), but for those staying a little longer or wanting something more exotic, check out what Ukraine's neighbours have to offer - Russian pelmeny (spiced meat-filled dumplings) or maybe some delicious grilled meats, cheese breads or salads from Georgia, Armenia and the Caucasus region!

Ukrainian, Russian and Georgian Restaurants in Kiev



European Cuisine 
Missing home or about to overdose on borscht (beet soup)? Pick from among the city's numerous restaurants serving classic Italian dishes, or explore French culinary specialties alongside a great regional wine. Or perhaps a savory German pork schnitzel? Czech dumplings? Belgian pea soup? Spanish paella? Enjoy virtually whatever European taste comes to mind - including modern fusion delicacies - from among the city's many choice venues.

Italian, French and various other European restaurants in Kiev



American Cuisine/Steaks 
A good selection of independent and American chain restaurants serve up steaks, ribs, burgers, French fries, fajitas and other home-cooked wonders from the American continent. Choose from classic American steakhouses, authentic Mexican taverns and even Argentinean grills.

American and Latin American Restaurants and Steakhouses in Kiev



Pan-Asian Cuisine 
Forget forks and knives and polish up your skills with chopsticks (or even eating with your hands) - Kiev features plenty of Asian restaurants serving excellent Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai food!

Japanese, Chinese, Indian and other Asian restaurants in Kiev


Sushi in Kiev
Looking for something light and healthy? The city boasts a growing number of sushi venues, from the superb to the simple, including some that stay open super late or even deliver so you can enjoy sushi at virtually all hours.


Pizza in Kiev
Pizzerias continue to pop up in Kiev. Some of the Ukrainian capital's cosy pizzerias can be just the thing for a nice lunch or dinner, while others are great just for food on the go or as a quick snack. Kiev may not be Naples, and most places that offer delivery close at 22.00, but a few venues really are worth visiting!


Fast Food Restaurants
Too busy or starved for a sit-down meal? Fast food in Kiev is much more than McDonald's, though the American burger chain has the capital well covered. Inventive Ukrainian restaurants serve up everything from traditional local foods served fast to baked potatoes or pancakes with special fillings and other quick and cheap meals with even greater ethnic variety.


Business Lunches
Need to eat well, quickly and for a good price? Easy - just pick a restaurant near the office or some other venue suitable for a business meeting and order what they have on the business lunch menu. Most places offer a choice of two or more combinations that include soup, a main course, salad and a drink. Check our list to see where and when to go. And remember: business lunches are served from Mon - Fri only.


After or before a nice stay at the restaurant  in case you might need a hotel, click here


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Restaurants by name

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Restaurant Chains

There are several restaurant chains in Kiev and Ukraine, each with its distinguishing style but all striving to provide high quality service and comfort to its patrons. Click here to read more

Restaurant Reviews

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