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Men's Day

Men’s Day in Ukraine

The 23rd of February is an unofficial holiday in Ukraine. It is called Men’s Day, formerly known as The Soviet Army Day.

It is a tribute of respect to all the generations of Soviet soldiers and people who defended the Motherland from invaders courageously. On this day, all men - from boys to seniors - receive congratulations and presents and the military members greet each other.

Nowadays, this holiday is considered to be the equivalent of the Women's Day which is celebrated on the 8th of March so that men as well get an opportunity to have their own holiday :) That gives women a chance to say the sweetest words to the men they love.

February 23rd has otherwise no particular significance in Ukrainian history. The date is borrowed from Russian history when Ukraine was no longer part of the Russian Empire - in early 1918, when Lenin's government was negotiating a peace treaty with the Central Powers while at the same time trying to re-conquer Ukraine. Negotiations at Brest-Litovsk bogged down because the Bolsheviks were unwilling to accept the German demands, but at the same time unable to pursue their "revolutionary" war. The Germans finally lost patience and on February 18th renewed their march toward Petrograd.

Panicking, Lenin issued a decree on February 22nd titled "The Socialist Fatherland in Danger." The next day some newly formed units of the Red Army tried to block the German offensive to Petrograd. The battle which took place on February 23rd in the vicinity of Narva and Pskov did not stop the German advance towards the Soviet capital, but since it was the first stand of the Red Army against the Germans, it was considered the nascent army's baptism of fire and as such provided the official date for Red Army Day.

The Red Army played a significant role in Ukraine’s history. It protected the country in battles with the German invaders in 1918 and battles with foreign troops of the Entente from 1918 to 1921. That is why Ukrainians bow their heads before warriors, who died for the sake of Motherland, and express respect to veterans of World War II, whose feats glorified them during the fight with fascism.

On this day people also congratulate all those who accomplish Constitutional duty, defend the national frontiers, independence and security and take part in international peacemaking missions. If you would like to congratulate somebody with this wonderful holiday, you can visit such websites as www.cards.spbland.ru, www.prazdnik.by, www.davno.ru to send a virtual postcard or www.tut.kiev.ua, www.zapodarkami.kiev.ua, www.tnd.kiev.ua to order a nice gift, which will be delivered anywhere, you want.


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