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Pets - taking care of pets in Kiev

Well, I found a kitten to start with and that's why you'll be reading about this topic in fact. I found this kitten in a building where my friend lives, curled up on a rug in front of one of the apartments. He was really cute and seemed to be way too clean and calm for a street cat. So my reaction of course was to start making funny faces and babble nonsense to get his attention. I did and he walked with me down the stairs. In the corridor downstairs I met a young couple so I asked them if they knew who's kitten it was. Nope, he'd been there for three days already and they tried to find the owner but no one claimed him. They said they had him home for one evening and he was extremely cute and cuddly but they can't keep him. "Maybe you should take him", the lady suggested. I gave it a nano-second thought, said ok, grabbed the little ball of fluff and headed off.  I'm of course not gonna say where this all ocurred nor am I going to put up the pictures of the cat in the neighbourhood because after three days with the kitten it would be a vicious fight if the owner comes and wants him back. There will be kicking, screaming and tears for one of us involved..

So anyway, the cat seemed clean and healthy but you never know. We first headed to several pharmacies to get a cat shampoo but no luck. In the end we found a pet clinic Alden (we didn't bring the cat yet though). They gave us pills, shampoo and advice on how to feed him. They offer a general check-up, cutting the claws and similar pet-maintenance issues and indeed if the pet is ill, they'll treat him.

As all our germophobic friends insisted to have the cat checked by a vet, we later went to the Vet clinic on Saksaganskovo street, cat in the box and ready to hear that he's got rabies. NO! We finally found out that it's a HE, he's 5 months old and there is nothing wrong with him. He got a shot against worms and god knows what else, had his eyes and ears checked and 22 UAH later we were done.

For a five month old tiny being, the cat seems to eat more than I do - so where to get it and what. You can buy all sorts of canned food like Darling, Kitekat and Whiskas in Furshet and in Mega Market. Both the stores also sell the toilet sand, plastic bowls for food, dried cat food, some toys and other accessories. From what we gathered, the brands we named are the best even though they might be slightly more epensive than the local ones. But they give the animal what it needs and so their hair stays nice and generally they are fit. The shops as well as the clinics we mentioned have stuff and care for dogs too of course - we don't discriminate.

Taking Pets From Ukraine
To take your pet from Ukraine you must obtain two certificates:
A certificate of good health and vaccinations
The final animal export certificate.
The health and vaccinations certificate have to be obtained within 3 days of your departure. It may be obtained at the government owned veterinary station only(Pechersk Vet Station or Vet Station on Volynska Street). The cost is approximately 35 UAH. Your animal has to have a rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to departure in order to receive this certificate. The final certificate must be obtained at Borispol Airport. The veterinary check station is located in the room with the sign "VETERINARY INSPECTION" on the second floor. (If you have an early flight, knock loudly - the vet may be sleeping!). The fee is approximately $5 - $7.

Flying with a pet
Many major airlines now allow passengers to carry on small pets if they are transported in cages that fit under the seat. There is of course an extra charge. If your animal or its cage is too large to fit under an airline seat, then they will be transported in a pressurized section of the baggage area. Check this in time.

Here is Pushkin, the coolest tomcat in Kiev who insipired this little research.

Food and Accessories

All for Pets

Piterska 10
Phone 242 5092
Mon-Fri: 10.00-19.00; Sat-Sun: 10.00-17.00

Popudrenko 46/2 (metro Chernigovskaya)
Phone 573 2108
Mon-Fri: 10.00-19.00; Sat-Sun: 11.00-18.00

Basseyna Street, inside the Mandarin Plaza/Arena City complex. They are open non stop.

Mega Market
Gorkovo Street 50
open till 23:00
pet stuff is on the ground floor

Zoo Shop
Bogdana Khmelnytskogo 10
Phone 234 5123
Mon-Fri: 10.00-19.00; Sat: 10.00-18.00; Sun: 12.00-18.00


We speak English!

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Pet hotels
Need to leave and can't take your pet along? Here are the places where you can accommodate your dog, cat or other animal.

Veterinary clinics

Alden Clinic
Saksaganskogo 76
phone: 501 1216
Grishka 4
phone: 575 4016

Brati Salon
Gorkogo 32
phone: 289 6773
Mon-Fri: 10.00-17.00; Sat-Sun: 10.00-15.00

Dr. Anatoly Levitsky Clinic
Burmystrenko prov. 29A
phone: 258 5196

Raduzhnaya 23
phone: 540 0303

Fauna Service clinic
Saksaganskovo 44g
phone: 289 7744
Shop and Pharmacy
phone: 289 3314

Prospect Tychiny 11b
phone: 553 8973
Chornovola 12iny 11b
phone: 484 6335
Zoi Gayday 5
phone: 426 6976

Nagorny's Vet Clinic
Vozdvizhenskaya 27
phone: 417 2703

Pechersk Vet Station (state)
Kikvidze 34B
phone: 285 9537

Veterinary Station (state)
Volynska 12
phone: 243 7239

Airport vet inspection
Boryspol Airport, Terminal B, second floor
open 24 hours a day
phone: 281 7393

Lenina 31
phone: 223 9046

Pet market
Frunze Street 172
Works 09:00-17:00. Best come on Saturday and Sunday, the market is closed on Monday.

Tsentralna 12a (metro Slavutych)
The first floor is devoted to different types of animals, on the second floor you can buy food and accessories. 


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