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Parks in Kiev

Parks in Kiev

Khreshatyk Gardens
Metro Station Maidan Nezavisimosti
Historically there was a merchant’s garden with a summer theatre – the stage was demolished in the 70’s to construct 1982 the enormous arch of People’s Friendship demonstrating the friendship between Russians and Ukrainians. You find there a sightseeing platform from which you have nice views over Podil and the Dnepro. You can continue along the Petrovskaya Avenue to the metal pedestrians bridge known as the Kissing bridge.
Mariyinskiy Garden
Metro Maidan Nezavisimosti or Arsenalnaya
This city garden was formerly known as the Tsarskiy Garden. This is a formal garden laid out in front of the Mariyinskiy Palace with fountains and statues. It’s a nice relaxing place to stroll or to sit and enjoy the beautiful trees.
Askoldova Mohyla
Metro Station Arsenalnaya
Askold was an early Christian, who was a local ruler of Kiev killed in 882 according to a legend. His burial place is known as Askold's Grave and many notable Kievians were buried in the cemetery nearby. However, this was destroyed by the Soviets in the 30’s and the church was turned into a park pavilion. This St. Mykola church has been recently restored.
Pechersk Landscape Park
up from the Lavra
If you head down the slope towards the Dnipro, there are quiet areas with gold-domed churches. This is a fantastic spot for sledging or skiing in winter. At the bottom is an open-air theatre, originally called the Spivoche Pole (Singing Ground), where open-air concerts are sometimes held in summer.
Taras Shevchenko Park
Metro Station Universitet
A pleasant green park in front of the red Shevchenko University building. There is a restaurant O’Panas with ladies selling pancakes outside in summer, an excellent playground and car rides for kids, some pleasant places to sit and area where chess-players gather to play. Don’t miss in spring to enjoy smell of blossoming flowers.
The Central Recreation Park
Vladimirskiy Spusk 2
It stretches along the river Dnepro all the way from the Mikhailovskiy Monastery and Cathedral to the Motherland statue and nearly reaches the Botanical Gardens. It consists of several parks.
Vladimirskaya Gorka
Metro Station Poshtova Ploshad
This is the section behind the Mikhailovskiy Monastery from where you have wonderful views of the Dnepro. You can reach from Podol using the funicular coming up.
Slava Park
Metro Station Arsenalnaya
Just below the Lavra, this park contains the eternal flame commemorating the dead of the Great Patriotic War WWII. As tradition it is a popular place for the wedding photos with the panoramic views over the Dnepro.There are steps and paths down the slopes to an excellent kid’s playground. If you continue down the slopes you can walk under the Lavra and up to the next park on the other side (History of the Great patriotic War).
History of the Great patriotic War
up from the Lavra
The top section of the park is headed up by the 72m high statue of Mother Russia. Officially known as Rodina-Matj and it is made of titanium.The park has open air museum of WWII era Soviet military equipment and tanks that children love to climb on. It is landscaped in granite with massive statues commemorating the war and on the weekends patriotic songs from that time play through loudspeakers. And also there are sweeping views of the Dnepr.1
Holosiyivsky Park
South of MetroStation Lybidskaya, 40-letie Oktjabrya Avenue
It is one of the largest parks in Kiev,measuring 150 hectares.There are four lakes, a sport complex, a funfair and a museum of the work and life of Ukrainian poet Maxim Rylsky.1
Pushcha-Vodytsa Park
Situated on the northern edge of the city. It’s great place for a picnic, quiet walk and cross country skiing. Also has a resort “Dzherelo” with nice rooms, swimming pool, sauna and cafeteria. For reservation call 431 83 98.
Historic Kiev Tram for hire - You can hire a renovated, historic Kiev tram by the hour for parties or outing to Pushcha Vodytsia. It leaves Kontraktova Square in Podil for a nice hour long trip. The interior is all wood and it has an open front and back, it has a room up to 26 people. Tel for booking- 468 20 36, address Frunze 132.
Metro Station Gidropark
It is situated in the Predmostnaya Slobodka, there used to be a settlement here known as the “Venice of Kiev”and which was burnt by the Nazis. Now it is a public recreation area with attractions, number of bars and cafes, two restaurants, fast food stalls. In summer there are beaches, with boat rental, volleyball, badminton and tennis.

Kurenevskiy Park
Frunze 134, phone of administration: 468 3026
Small cozy park with playgrounds and attractions for children, summer cafe, promenade express. Entrance is free of charge.


Nivky Park
Pobedy Prospect 82, phone of administration: 456 4331
It is a big park which has spread from Beresteyskaya to Nivky metro stations. You will find there not only beautiful nature (old trees, fresh air, lakes) but also rifle ranges, attractions, cafes and concert halls.


Pobedy Prospect 32, Metro Politekhnichny Institut, press office phone: 8 (067) 933 8958
The Kiev Zoo dates back to 1908. It was founded by the Nature Lovers Society and financed by various private donations. In 1996, the zoo was admitted to the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Nowdays, the zoo occupies a territory of 40 hectares. It is not only a showcase of animals from around the world, but also a research center, working on acclimatization of exotic animals, preservation and reproduction of rare animals; such as, the Amur tigers, bisons, Przewalski's Horses and some others. There is a fairly modern amusement park, with a big ferris wheel, roller coaster, cafes and restaurants as well as a petting zoo where children can feed farmyard animals including pigs, goats, chickens and ducks. Beginnig from 21 June till 1 September the zoo is presenting free puppet shows on ecological themes. Performances take place at 14:00 every weekday except on Monday and twice a day on weekends and holidays - at 13:00 and 15:00.

Botanical Gardens

National Botanical Garden
Timiryazevskaya 1, Metro Station Druzby Narodov
It is located on the banks of the Dnipro up beyond the Iron Lady monument. This is a large and pleasant park with interesting flowers and plants on display and lovely views over the golden domes of the Holy Trinity (St. Yonah’s) Monastery and the next Vydubichy Monastery, down to the Dnipro. This garden is particularly famous for the displays of lilacs in spring (early May) . There are some open spaces and benches for picnics, as well as attractions for children by the entrance (bouncy slide, cars for hire etc.)
Botanical Garden
Kominterna 1, Metro Station Universitet
This garden is located just behind the Red Building of Schevchenko University. It is a shady and pleasant place to wander but a little run down. There are about 10 000 kinds of plants in the garden including the biggest collection of cactus in The CIS. It has a new children playground.


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