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Nightlife in Kiev

Kiev is a busy place at night. There are dozens of bars, nightclubs and pubs to visit. The opening hours are long and alcohol is relatively cheap. You certainly won't be bored here. Bear in mind that most nightclubs only open or start a program after 10 or 11 pm. Security guards will turn you down if you are already drunk or poorly dressed. They can also kick you out for misbehaving inside, usually because of too much alcohol.

A majority of nightclubs have membership cards for frequent or VIP guests. VIP in general is a much liked word among the party crowd. 
Some places are a bit hard to leave because of beggars at the entrance - commonly children, who will ask for money or try to sell you flowers and they are very insistent and pretty much only stop when you smash the taxi door in front of them.

At night, taxi drivers try their best at screwing prices sky high so don't be ashamed to send them off with a laugh if they ask for 50 Hryvnas for a city center ride. Pubs and bars are much more relaxed. There is usually a food menu so you can fill your stomach before all night drinking or on the contrary, get in the mood with a cocktail.  

Nightclubs in Kiev Kiev city center at night
Check out the top nightclubs in Kiev, pre-party and after-party hotspots

Pubs and clubs in Kiev
Where to start the evening, meet up friends, watch sports, find striptease clubs or celebrate St. Patrick's day

Jazz bars and lounges in Kiev
No need to party every night but why stay home when there are so many places to chill out - with jazz music, a cigar and whisky or in oriental style watching belly dancers

Casinos in Kiev
Well, if you really don't know what to do with your money anymore...you're in the right place!


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