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Good to know
Ukrainian currency is called Hryvna and is divided into 100 Kopecks. For an average exchange rate, count that a dollar is worth 8.00 Hryvnas, Euro about 10.00 Hryvnas and British Pound 10 Hryvnas. It is best to bring USD or EUR in cash to Ukraine for easy exchange, but you can also safely withdraw money from ATMs featuring the international banking/credit symbols. Always carry small bills to pay for items such as cigarettes or taxi fares. You can withdraw hryvnas (UAH) and, in some ATMs, USD. Many prices (such as airline tickets) are stated using an abbreviation y.e. in Cyrillic, pronounced oo yeah:-) One y.e. is one American dollar. Spend all hryvnas before leaving the country as you can't take them out.

ATM's: The NBU has decreed that commercial banks must ensure uninterrupted operation of their ATM's  and put cash in them in order to ensure prompt payment of wages, pensions, stipends and other social benefits as well as to dispense cash on payment cards issued by other banks. 

Exchanging money
Exchanging money is easy, especially in the city center where exchange points are plentiful. The most common currencies exchanged are USD, EUR, Russian rubles and British pounds. Banks will exchange most other major European and international currencies.

Credit Cards and traveler checks
Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted, American Express rarely so. Travelers checks can be cashed in branches or affiliates of most major banks. See list below.

Sending money
To send or receive money in Ukraine, you can use Western Union, the services of which are available in many exchange points, banks, post offices and other places. See: Western Union

Opening a bank account
To open a bank account in Ukraine, you need your passport and a document to confirm your registration.Be aware it is length operation and surprises are always to be expected.  Accounts may be in UAH, USD or EUR. Internet banking is available with some banks, including with personal deposit accounts. The highest percentage is given on deposits in UAH, then USD and least in EUR.

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Banks in Kiev

Bank Address Phone
Alfa Bank Desyatinna 4/6 490 4600 
Citibank Dymytrova 16g 490 1000
Calyon Bank Volodymyrska 23a 490 1413
CreditWest Kovpaka 17 569 9100
Deutsche Bank Ivana Mazepy 40 1st floor  494 4410
Erste Prorizna 6 585 9200
Forum Bank Yaroslavov Val 38 205 3505
Index Bank Pushkinskaya 42/4 581 0700
ING Bank Spaska 30a 230 3030
Nadra Artema 15 481 0981
Multibanka Krasnoarmiyska 9/2 off.51 287 4697
OTP Bank Zhylyanska 43 490 0500
Parex Bank Striletska 16 office 42  484 4688
Privatbank Krasnoarmiyska 12/16 238 0694
ProCreditBank Pobedy Avenue 107a 590 1000
Raiffeisen Bank Aval Leskova 9 490 8888
SEB Krasnoarmiyska 10 238 6767
Swedbank Kominterna 30 590 0001
Ukreximbank Gorkogo 127 247 8070
Ukrgazbank Krasnoarmiyska 39 494 4650
Ukrprombank Lesi Ukrainky 26 0800 500 235
Ukrsibbank Andreevskaya 2/12 230 4888
Ukrsots Kovpaka 29 230 3200
Unicredit Yaroslavov Val 14-a 585 8985
Western Union Proriznaya 15 278 1780

Financial Institutions

Institution Address Phone
National Bank of Ukraine Institutska 9 253 0180
EBRD Sofiyvska 27/23 270 6132
World Bank Lysenko 2 490 6671
European Bank Sofievskaya 27/23 464 0132


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Financial Crisis


Real estate prices 2010 
Prices for realestate came to halt and are expected to fall starting in September. 


How expensive is Kiev?
Compare with Tokyo, New York, Oslo, Vienna and Berlin.

Average prices in Kiev


Item USD
Fast food lunch 4 - 6
Business lunch 5-10
Marlboros 1.00
Taxi ride 4 - 6
Bus ride 0.25
Mobile card 4 - 6
Cinema ticket 4 -10
Hotel night *** 80
Apartment night  50 up
Car rental day 100
Dentist 50
Doctor visit 150
Party cover 30
Gym per month 60 up


Notes in circulation

Ukrainian currency is called Hryvna and is divided into one hundred kopecks. Hryvna was put into circulation in September 1996. Coins and notes from all years since then are valid. Lettered code is UAH, numeric code - 980 and its abbreviated name is Hrn. All notes are issued by the National Bank of Ukraine. There are banknotes of denomination 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Hryvnias and coins of denomination 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopiykas and a 1 Hryvnia coin.

 1 Hryvna from 1996
 10 Hryvna from 2000
 20 Hryvna from 2004

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