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In Kiev there are 109 markets registered. Most of them were built at the beginning of the last century like Vladimirskiy, Zytniy or famous the Besarabka Market.

For a modern person, used to shining shop-windows of the supermarkets and the boutiques, it is hard to imagine that markets or rynok played a very important role in the life of Kiev in the past. The life of the ancient city was centered onand around the markets. Rynok ( market) was not only the place for trading. It was a peculiar culture tradition with its colorfuf folklore. The market formed an unrepeatable regional face. For example like east market, Sorochinskiy yarmarok described by N.Gogol, Moskow bird’s market.

Petrovka Market
Petrovka market at the metro stop Petrovka is most popular for CDs, DVDs and videos (from 15 Hryvnas). The DVDs are illegal and lately the quality is very bad or they don't work at all. The music CDs are ok. On Petrovka you can also buy meat, fish, vegetables and other groceries, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, computer programs, books, Soviet memorabilia, souveniers etc. The quality of the goods is often dubious because softwares, audio and video items and other are illegal or stolen but the food market is safe. The market is always closed on Mondays but open at weekends.

Besarabka Market
Bessarabka market at Bessarabka Square offers all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, seafood, fish, caviar, spices and flowers. The sales people will lure you and drag you to try and buy their stuff and more often than not they will succeed. The range of goods is impressive - you can get all kinds of tropical fruits and every type of vegetable all year round as well as fresh meat, home made cheese, cakes, cream, milk etc. The negative is that  especially imported fruits are very overpriced.

Fish Market Vystavak- Yarmarok Moreproduktiv Global Fish
Bohatyrska 1 0bolon District
Tel: 467 8337
Open: daily 09:00 - 21:00
To find good seafood in a city which is not located close to the Sea is not so easy. There is a this fishmarket, they are seafood retailers supplying restaurants and supermarkets with sea products. You can find all types you off there,fillets, steaks, whole fish and live fishes. Imports come Norway,  Greece, Aaustralia, Africa, Scandinavia. everything is processed , packaged and shipped according strict international food transportation guidelines. Fresh fish arrives every week - monday is the busiest day of the week.
The giant building looking like a huge fridge is located on Bohatirska Street before the bridge that leads to the Karavan shopping center. Parking can be found to the left of the fish market.   The market is even children friendly - they recive liitle shells as a gift.

Flea Market on metro Nivki
The flea market takes place every Saturday morning at metro stop Nivki. The last Saturday of each month is particularly interesting because vendors from the whole Ukraine come to sell their stuff.

Pet market
The pet market on Frunze Street 172 works from 09:00 to17:00. It is best to come on Saturday and Sunday when most vendors are present. The market is closed on Mondays.

Kurenevskiy market
It includes the Pet market and works daily except for Monday from 09:00 to17:00. It is best to come on Saturday and Sunday when most vendors are present.

Very popular for its cheap mobile phones. But be careful they can be stolen consequently sometimes phones are proposed without any warranty or charging device.

Dneprovskiy market
Here you can find there cheap automobile spare parts.

Lately this market has become very popular among Ukrainian people because of wide variety of clothing.

Markets in Kiev

Name Address
Demeevskiy market Izyumskaya 1
Goloseevskiy district
Kurenevskiy market Frunze Sq 1
Obolon district
Pet market Frunze Sq 1
Obolon district
Petrovka Near Petrovka Metro Station
Zytniy market Verhniy Val 16
Vladimirskiy market Antonovich 115
Near Palace Ukraina Metro Station
Darynok Near Lesnaya Metro Station
Troeschinskiy Elektrotechnicheskaya 2a
Dneprovskiy market Perova 19
Between Metro stations Levobereznaya and Darnitsya
Levoberezny market Mariya Raskova 1
Flea Market on Nivki Metro station Scherbakova 47
Pecherskiy Pecherskaya Sq. 1
Radiorynok Ushynskogo 4

For a colourful article on how to haggle in Kiev’s markets read an article by our Correspondent Paul Miazga.


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