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Lutsk is one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine. The name  Lutsk was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle from 1085. It was a meeting point of great European monarchs in 1429, it witnessed the war in 1431 and became a shelter for people of Volyn Region during the war against Tatars at the end of the 15th century. Lutsk was totally destroyed and burned twice (in 1240 and 1500) but the city was always reconstructed and was known on European maps as Luchesk the Great.

The name Lutsk comes from the old russian word 'luka' meaning 'meadow'. The city is the capital of the Volyn region and is one of the largest cities is Western Ukraine with over 200,000 inhabitants. Its unique attraction is underground Lutsk - deep below the ground an entire city several kilometers long is located. The historical centre of the city is located near the Styr river. The modern part of Lutsk is dominated by the Saint Trinity Cathedral built in the 18th century. From there Lesi Ukrainky Street lined with numerous old houses, shops, cafes and Krainia Khata (authentic art gallery) leads you to Stare Misto (old town) historical and cultural area.

The city's treaure and symbol is the Lutsk Castle on Kafedralna Street. It is also called Lubart's castle after Prince Lubart who had it built in 14th century. Now the original armory, ceramics and unique bell collection are exhibited in the castle's three  towers. Excursions through the territory reveal archeological remnants of a 12th century church, the Prince's palace from the 14-16th century and the unique Museum of Antique Books.

Further, past the castle square, you will discover the Roman Catholic Peter and Paul Cathedral (1616-1640), designed by Italian architect Giacomo Briani. Due to its wonderful acoustics it is frequently the venue of organ music concerts. Adjacent  to the church is the 17th century Jesuit monastery and the neo-gothic old Lutheran church. Nearby is the eclectic mini-castle designed by architect Mykola Holovan which is often compared with Kiev's House of Chimeras.

How to get to Lutsk:
Lutsk is about 400 km away from Kiev. You can get there by train for some 40 Hryvnas or you can also take a marshrutka. 

Where to stay:

Hotel  Ukraina
4 star hotel in the centre of Lutsk with 127 comfortable rooms. The hotel has a restaurant with banquet room, bar, SPA-centre and car park.
Address: Slovatskogo Street 2, Lutsk, phone:+380 332 78 8118

Hotel  Luchesk
3-star hotel
1 Vidrodjenja Street 1, Lutsk, phone: +380 332 25 2496

Where to eat and relax:

Maidan Beer Club
and Obolon Beer clubs
Boiko Street 2, phone: +380 332 72 4841

Obolon Beer Club
Kopernika Street 8a, phone: +380 332 72 1507

Korona Vitovta Restaurant
Plytnytsi Street 1, Zamkova Square, phone: +380 332 72 7114

Lutsk Business Portal:

Booking excursions:
Volyntourist, phone: +380 332 23 0411
Krok tour, phone: +380 332 77 4436

Real Estate Agencies
Name Address Phone
Alyans Voli Ave. 50 +38 (0332) 757914
Beregynya Voli Ave. 50, of. 39 +38 (0332) 242423
Expert Sobornosti Ave. 32 b +38 (0332) 786222
Paladiy Voli Ave. 4a +38 (0332) 774441
Rieltor Pobeda Ave. 1, of.13 +38 (0332) 230145
Victoria Kievskiy Majdan 13 +38 (0332) 248391
Volynskoe Voli Ave. 7a +38 (0332) 720176
Welcome Voli Ave. 1b +38 (0332) 249325
Volinska Pobeda Ave. 15, of.9 +38 (0332) 780235


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