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Natasha Isupova

Interview with Natasha Isupova of Goodbuyfashion
Go2Kiev: Please explain why you created the consignment shop Goodbuyfashion? 
Initially my objective was to sell slightly worn clothing on a commission basis utilizing the concept of “recycling” beautiful and wearable pieces of fine clothing. Many years ago, in Kiev, there were flea markets where Ukrainian women of different social and economic backgrounds would go to sell and purchase clothing. But this flea market is no longer available in the city and I still had many girl friends asking the same question: “Where can I get it?” and “Where can I leave it?”  
Go2Kiev: What clothing designers have you procured within your consignment fashion shop?
The shop is divided into three sections allowing the customer to mix and mingle different designers, styles, and price ranges of clothing. Some of the top clothing designer pieces include: Antonia Marras, Victor & Rolf, Vivienne Westwood, Alberta Ferretti, Jil Sander, Anna Sui, Boss Derek Lam, Paul Smith, Mui Mui and Prada. As well, the shop features a small but elegant selection of shoes, belts, handbags and jewelry accessory pieces. At present, I have numerous pairs of exquisite shoes from the House of Gucci, YSL, Chloe as well as other fine quality shoe manufacturers. Quite simply, I adore the spontaneous energy that emerges when a woman looks through the racks of clothing and there is that thrill of surprise and joy when a great piece of clothing or accessory has been discovered!
Go2Kiev: What is the concept of Goodbuyfashion?
 I like to think of my business as a Salon that combines “My Collection” of clothing, art, emotions, life-style, jam and music. Two years ago when I opened my shop, I was primarily interested in building a brand that fused image, essence, and atmosphere. Through my professional connections I located women who donated their clothing, shoes and accessories; thus, slowly built a collection of quality vintage, new Ukrainian styles as well as a broad spectrum of contemporary designer pieces.
Go2Kiev: How does art play a role at Goodbuyfashion?
I have many artistic friends in the community and I have chosen to display beautiful examples of their work. Each new shop location gives me the opportunity to showcase historical Kiev, with its stunning architecture and tree-lined streets, with a collection of exquisite fashion clothing. I truly feel that art, architecture, and fashion add to the ambiance of visual appreciation. As I mentioned, I wanted a Salon atmosphere that would not simply be called a shop, club, or apartment. I am sharing my heart and soul with my customers (or you can call them my audience) where they can feel warm and comfortable. I feel that clothing and art are intertwined with beauty.
Go2Kiev: Please explain your gifts of home-made fruit jam and a music CD? 
From my previous professional experience in the advertising industry, I knew the importance of a loyalty program and how successfully it performs to create an attachment, trustworthiness and sincerity between business and customers. I knew that mass media gifts would assist in the evolution of a customer base. The home-made jam was made from apples and pears picked from the trees at my family’s dacha. The music CD was easily composed of my favorite songs from musical artists; such as, Bryan Ferry, the B-52 and David Bowie.  
Go2Kiev: What is your previous professional experience?
In 1997 I gained employment with an advertising firm where I worked for over nine years as a copy writer, senior copy writer and then eventually to creative director. It was a very good career where there happened to be a very fast progression of professional responsibilities, growth and development. At some point, I began to wonder about my future within the firm and within the advertising industry. Suddenly the agency had to close the business due to a merger buy-out  which proved to be a very good thing – for it was the impetus to use my professional knowledge and connections to conceive Goodbuyfashion.
Go2Kiev: Describe the women who purchase from your shop?
My audience is represented by a mature and sophisticated woman who possesses flair and style in her wardrobe and her life. My customers are chic, they have a signature look, and know how to quickly locate fashion pieces that are of quality and beauty that accentuate their assets. Sometimes I have younger clients, in their 20’s, that come into my shop, who are searching and discovering their own style. Most importantly, all these lovely women of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and styles share the same quality of beauty and creativity in their hearts.
Go2Kiev: What is the philosophy of Goodbuyfasion?
Wear everything that you personally love. Don’t follow a trend. Follow your heart and mood.  That is the real pleasure and joy of being a woman - everyday we have the ability to reinvent ourselves to become someone totally new to the world and to ourselves. 
Go2Kiev: Congratulations! I see that you are expecting a child. This must be a time of big changes?
Yes, this will be my fourth child and I absolutely adore the role of being a Mother. My lovely daughters are constantly evolving and changing for there are always new discoveries and adventures in my life. With this pregnancy, I can take a pause from my business and incubate new ideas of how to evolve, develop a good team of like minded individuals, and formulate a more efficient work flow as well as how to produce a higher profit. I am dreaming of how, in the future, I can evolve to a more sophisticated way of directing my business and vision.
Natasha Isupova of Goodbuyfashion can be reached at 8067-321-2755. 
Shop address: Pirogova Street 2, Apartment No. 31


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