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Anna Entrambasaguas

Anna Entrambasaguas - GO2KIEV founder

Go2Kiev: A simple question – why did you create go2kiev? How did it go?
Anna Entrambasaguas: Very slowly. The laptop had a bad monitor, I worked with a dial up connection in bed and later in a small corner in our kitchen. First I learned how to work with the program then changed the layout many times and then started collecting information to put on the site. That eventually took about three months of constant work and I found out it will most likely never stop.

G2K: The site will soon celebrate its third birthday. Are you happy with how it’s developed?
AE: Very happy. Given the accidental start and the low-cost or more like no-cost beginning of the project, I think the site is doing very well. Mainly, it serves people like me who need help information about visiting or living in Kiev and Ukraine.

G2K: What is there you would like to change about the site?
AE: Usually when I look at it when I work, almost everything. I like changes and if I could I would have a new layout every month or so. And there are so many things that still need to be added to the site – it is an ongoing thing.

G2K: What makes the site special in your opnion?
AE: Apart from the interesting beginning of it, I think there are several things. Firstly, our no-girls policy. By that I mean that we do not promote any marriage, escort or other services and we do not place advertisement of such. That makes us diferent from most other sites which by the way mostly did not exist back when go2kiev started. I was quite amused when I followed a link to our site which came from a sex forum. Apparently some fella was discussing our site and wrote something like: The site is very user friendly with lots of great information. Only it is ran by two women so don't look for any sex-ads. Pity..I think this sums it up and I am happy about such comments.

G2K: You lived in Kiev for two years. How did you like it?
AE: I really enjoyed living in Ukraine. Mainly because there are lots of things to do and see but also it has great potential for business. I was lucky to have met many interesting people, some of which became my very close friends. Ukrainian people were always nice to me so I don't have anything to complain about. I liked Ukraine much more than I thought I would before moving. And since I am already away, I can admit that one of the coolest things in Ukraine is that you can drive like crazy and get away with it...

G2K: But now you’re back in your home town, in Prague. Why did you move away from Kiev?
AE: Because I now have a fantastic baby-daughter, Emma. I wanted to be near my parents. I knew I will not stop working altogether so it is very important to have my family always stand-by for babysitting. That was the key reason. But also at some point the friends one has in a country start moving away, the city changes and one starts saying 'things used to be better' and I think that is the best time to move on.

G2K: How good are you at working and being a mom at the same time?
AE: Not very good. I enslaved my entire family and still think that my day should have at least 50 hours so I would manage all I want. On the other hand, I always take on too many things to do and then whine about it.

G2K: How much did you have to reduce your work on the site then?
AE: Well, when I was in the hospital waiting to give birth, I had my laptop and a Blackberry to stay online, working. When Emma was born though, I quickly realized she’s the boss and I get to work only about two or three nights a week. Days are out of question.

G2K: What are your plans for the nearest future?
AE: I would definitely like to stay in Prague for a while, not move again. I am going to continue working on go2kiev although I will not be a co-owner anymore. I will leave the fun of directing the company to Beate, who I believe is in secret a Duracell battery in a pretty outfit. She has a lot of energy and impatience we need to keep developing.

G2K: So you're not leaving go2kiev completely?
AE: No, certainly not. I think it needs me:-) Because I was in Kiev only a few months and did not have much work and after I broke my leg, I had to stay in bed for about a month. So my then-boyfriend, now-husband Oscar came home one day with an old laptop and a small neat program and said – here you go – make a site about Kiev, there is no good one.


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