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Good to know 

Calling emergency and other phone numbers in Ukraine does require some knowledge of Russian/Ukrainian, so try to learn a few key words and phrases ahead of any visit, especially for those with special medical  needs or conditions. The international code for Ukraine is +380 and the city code for Kiev is 44. To see how to make calls to and from Ukraine, please go to communication. For more help and information about medical emergencies, first aid and hospitals, please see the healthcare page. If you have an emergency with documents or stolen belongings, try to contact your embassy or consulate - see the visas page for related addresses.
New emergency numbers: To call emergency  numbers from land line or mobile phone dial teh following: Fire *101* Police  *102* Ambulance * 103 * Gas * 104 *

Information Lines

  Transport Enquiries
Central Post Office 065   Kiev railway station 005
Phone directory 009   Kiev central bus station 250 9986
Address directory 061   Kiev Boryspol Airport 296 7243
Exact time 060   Kiev Zhyulyany Airport 242 2308
Weather forecast 001   Bus tickets booking 211 3933
Telegrams 066   Kiev river port 416 1268
Intercity calls 811, 813   Train tickets booking 811, 813
International calls 8191 to 8195   Airtickets booking 056, 085
Long Distance Calls 079   Kiev taxi central 058

Other threats
Travelers to Ukraine need not fear any specific threat or need vaccinations prior to their arrival, and while the country struggles to provide proper care for HIV/AIDS- and tuberculosis-infected persons (at the moment such persons receive little or no help), most other people will find the climate and general health of the population reassuring. Regarding crime, the rate of violent crime in Kiev is especially low, though as in any large city, travelers are encouraged to travel in groups late at night or in dimly lit residential areas. Safeguard valuables such as jewelry, cell phones or wallets on all modes of public transport as pickpocketing is common, and keep an eye on any belongings left hanging or lying unattended in restaurants as such thefts are quite common.

Regarding violent crime, while the overall crime rate in the city and country is low, attacks against people of color or obvious ethnic/racial background continue to go largely unpunished by the local militsia ("police"). Stories of race-related "swarm" attacks in the capital, though infrequent, have been recorded even in broad daylight in areas that experience heavy tourism traffic, such as the Andreevski Spusk. In general, avoid strolling around outlying suburbs at night and take care on Khreschatik and surrounding environs late in the evenings or when a large sporting or cultural event is taking place as Ukrainians can get very drunk and the local police are often apt to look away rather than deal with anything more than petty offenses. Keep an emergency contact phone number with you at all times in case the need arises to contact them for assistance in an emergency situation or with the police.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, automobile accidents continue to increase in Ukraine with each passing day, killing tens of thousands of Ukrainians (including some foreigners) every year. The increasing number of vehicles on the road coupled with poor road conditions, lack of due care and attention on the part of drivers (the vast majority of Ukrainians do not wear seat belts) and lax enforcement of road traffic and safety rules by law enforcement bodies has made driving in Ukraine a major cause for concern. Road rage, alcohol consumption and other factors contribute in one way or another to the 10 fatal accidents that happen on Ukraine's roads each day! Follow a few simple rules and stay safe: buckle up; don't get into a cab if you do not feel safe; refrain from traveling at night or on poorly maintained roads; let someone know your planned itinerary if traveling to/from Kiev, and keep emergency numbers on hand in the event of the unthinkable.


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Emergency numbers

Fire 101
Police 102
Ambulance 103
Gas 104
Water 057
Electricity 057
Elevator 086
City Business

Medical help

Doctor's advice


Hospitalized patients


Pharmacy infoline


Vet ambulance

243 7241

Other useful numbers

Lost & Found
229 7844
Lost & Found Metro
226 3809
Lost & Found Trams
291 0406
456 9444

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