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We recommend in Sevastopol:
Hotel Sevastopol
Nakhimov prospect 8
Phone: 0692 5390 60
recently renovated located in the centre 5 mins walk from all central sites.

Restaurant Barkas
5 min walk from above Hotel Good fish preparation reasonable prices  

Driver from the airport
Igor and friends
+ 380 50 208 2170
E-mail crimea_travel@mail.ru

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Driving to Crimea
If you have a car and best more than one driver to go it is perhaps the best way to visit the Crimean peninsula. The drive from Kiev to Yalta will take you approximately 12 hours, if you head to the eastern coast and want to reach Kerch or Sudak count with 13 or 14 hours.

From Kiev, drive out following the signs to Odessa to get on the Odessa motorway. This will be the comfortable part of the trip where you can drive quite fast and needn't worry about being slowed down by Ladas and trucks. Keep on the Odessa motorway for about 200 kilometers and pass the sign to Uman. After the exit to Uman you will drive another maybe 30 kilometers and reach an exit from the motorway in direction of Mikolaev and Kherson. You will now be on the regional road and be careful with overtaking slower vehicles - local drivers tend to overtake even when they cannot see ahead such as in hills or turns so you might want to look thoroughly if there is no whacko driving against you when you want to speed up. When you approach the towns of Mikolaev and Kherson, do not take the road to the city center. There is always a ring around the town so you avoid getting lost in the center and it is indeed faster. After you pass Kherson, follow the signs to Crimea - mainly there will be signs to a town called Djankoy - that is the first town on the Crimean peninsula. When entering Crimea you will need to pay 10 UAH toll.

Swallow's Nest - one of the most famous places in Crimea

From Djankoy you can choose where to go depending where you're headed. If you have time, you can take a small road leading to Kerch - the eastern side of Crimea near the Azov sea also. From Kerch you can continue to Sudak, a small town on the coast where there is the Sudak fortress to see but the beaches are not very nice. From there you can already continue your round trip along the coast of Crimea through Alushta, Yalta, Alupka and perhaps even Simferopol.

If you are going to Yalta, follow the signs to Simferopol. This road cuts right through the peninsula leading to the south coast, to the Black Sea. There is no need to stop in Simferopol for sightseeing as there is virtually nothing pleasing the eye. It is just the hub where trains and planes arrive and depart. Continuing on the road through Simferopol you will already see signs toward Yalta and Alushta. Lastly, if you want to start from the western coast of Crimea, in Sevastopol or Evpatoria, follow the signs to Sevastopol.

On the Coast
Never mind from which end you start, the narrow roads along the coast lead through many hills and valleys and offer spectacular views on the sea. Especially after dark drive carefully because you may encounter cows or other animals on the roads or some drunk locals walking home to the nearest village. Also keep in mind that along there roads there are very few gas stations so fill up when you are in town.

Where to stay or stop
The key towns of Crimea are Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Sevastopol, Sudak and a few others. They are all on the coast and they each have a different atmosphere and sights to offer. Yalta is indisputably the biggest and is the center of Crimean tourism. It is also the most expensive one. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and shops and beaches both in the town and around. Alushta is slightly smaller and is very nice if you are staying to roast and toast on the sun. There are several town beaches (meaning you pay 5 UAH entrance), many restaurants, a small promenade and plenty of available accommodation. Alupka is a small town on the hills. It has a cozier atmosphere, the beaches are free but you have to rumble down the hills a bit to get to them. Alupka is well positioned for further trips to for example Yalta or the Ai Petri Mountain which is very close. Sudak on the east is tiny and apart from the fortress there is not much to see. The beaches are free but not very nice.

Crimean beaches are rocky but nice nevertheless


The drive from Sudak towards Yalta is however lovely as the road winds along the coast and passes through the neighboring resort, Novy Svet. That is beautiful village where people come when they want to simply rest and spend all the time on the beach. Sevastopol is a city you may want to visit. It is a lively place with several sightseeing spots. One of them is the ancient Greek city, or what is left of it, the Khersones. Sevastopol is a big harbor and there are many boat trips including those that cruise around the huge military ships docking in Sevastopol. Most of them are Russian, some of them not working anymore but all impressive.

You can either book a hotel room which is the most expensive possibility. A double room in Alushta for example costs around 250 UAH per night - that is a room with air-conditioning and breakfast. That is also an average price in a three star hotel. There are hotels which are newer and nicer but the prices can go well up to 200 USD per night, especially in Yalta. Then there are smaller establishments, something like B&B. They are mostly quite new and nice and the prices there start at 30 USD per double room per night, averaging about 50 USD per night. Lastly, you can walk the main street of the town you are in and the apartment owners or agents will offer you their place at every step. You never know what apartment or house it will be so always go and look. This is a money saving solution if you are in a group of people who would like to stay together. If you rent a small house with to or three bedrooms it will most likely cost you around 60 USD per night.

Simferopol: TES Hotel  + 0380 652 605555 E-mail Tes-hotel@yandex.ru
Close to the airport clean modern and nice good restaurant  Buses available  

Simferopol: Restaurant Frigate Prospekt Kirova 54 + 380 652 505430 

Alushta: RadissonSAS Resort
Alushta Lenina 2 Tel.: +380 6026226

The list of sightseeing places of Crimea is very long. It is best to buy a travel guide for Crimea or visit some website dedicated to Crimea. The key stops are the Ai Petri Mountain, Livadia Palace or Swallow's Nest but there is much more. Most of the attractions are on the coast.

If you need to access Internet while in Crimea, many hotels have their Internet connection and connected computers are available at the post offices in each town. Small kiosks and food stores are omnipresent and usually open late or nonstop. There is also always a pharmacy nearby, money exchange and ATMs as well so you should have no problems getting around.

The coast of Crimea is truly beautiful


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