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Making a call

To call abroad from and land-based telephone in Ukraine can be quite costly, less so if dialing from a mobile phone (rates may vary). While many locals use prepaid phone cards that can be bought on the street, at local post offices or from street-side kiosk vendors, many visitors to the country often obtain a local SIM card for their mobile phone (it is very easy and straightforward) and take advantage of one of the many different long-distance diallng options each local mobile phone operator provides. To find the best card we recommend asking for help from any street-side vendor because different cards have different rates for each country, so it is best to say where you want to call and they can then advise you. In any event, here is how to dial abroad without a calling card:

Payment of Mobile and internet:
If you have already your mobile number or your internet connection you can pay very easily. You find blue free standing payment machines in supermarkets,hotels, cafes  or in Underground (Metro) stations. Type your mobile number, insert a UAH money bill ,  the payment is done and a receipt will be printed.

If you lose your SIM card:
The process what to do is different depending on the company. Golden Telekom and Kyivstar charge 100UAH for replacement if you have a contract. With MTC you have to buy a new card. If you have a prepaid card you simply buy a new SIM card and get a new number as well. You can buy SIM cards everywhere.

Calling abroad is International Standard  
dial 00 calling from Kiev to New York
dial country code North America code - 1
dial city code New York area code - 212
dial number dial 00 1 212 xxx xxxx
Calling to Ukraine Example
dial int'l calling code calling from New York to Kiev
dial 380 (Ukraine) Ukraine code +380
dial city code (44 for Kiev) Kiev code 44
dial number dial 00 380 44 xxx xxxx
Calling within Ukraine Example
dial city code Kharkov city code 0572
dial number dial  0572 xxx xxx
dial mobile dial 067 123 7

Mobile phones
Here are the leading mobile operators in Ukraine. Kyivstar and MTS are the strongest and most well-established operators in Ukraine, though on the life:) network, calling between other customers is automatically free. Roaming is available from almost all operators, as well as MMS, WAP and mobile internet services.

Kyivstar is the oldest operator on the Ukrainian market. To sign a contract you need to visit their shop and bring your passport. Payments start at 200 hryvnias for start up and tariffs from 5 hryvnias per month.


Djuice is part of the Kyivstar company aimed at younger customers. Djuice offers prepaid services only. Start-up packages and cards are available for 30, 50, 100 or 300 hryvnias.


UMC has recently changed its brand name to MTS after its Russian parent company. The prepaid service, SimSim, offers cards for 30, 60 or 120 hryvnias. Contracts start from 40 hryvnias per month. Bring your passport to sign up for any MTS contract package.


A joint project of Turkcell and Donetsk-based DCC. They offer all types of subscription from prepaid cards to business contracts it is the only network that allows for free, unlimited calling between its subscribers within the country.

The latest arrival on the Ukrainian mobile phone market is Russia based and, consequently, offers the cheapest long-distance rates between Ukraine and Russia. It's certainly difficult to miss their yellow and Beeline adverisments in the city - anything with yellow and black stripes should tip you off.I

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Provider Address Phone Email
UkrTeleCom T. Shevchenko 18 235 0001 ukrtelecom@ukrtel.net
Volia  Bazhana 26 50 222 50 sales@voliacable.com

Broadband connection
To set up broadband connection call the customer service and ask if they have coverage in your building. If connection is possible, choose a tariff and book a time for the technicians to come and install it.

Through phone line
To connect via your fixed line, buy a pre-paid card at the same places as you buy phone cards. There are several companies providing this service - IP Telecom, Svit Online etc. There is a code on the card which you will use to log on - usually you get 10 minutes for free to set up your new account on their homepage, after that, you log off and back in again with your new login and password and ca start surfing. This type of connection, however, not only blocks your phone line, it is also very slow. The cards start at $2.

Post offices
Post offices across Ukraine also have Internet access, Kiev central post office on Maydan Nezalezhnosti works non-stop.


Postal Rates

UkrPoshta http://www.ukrposhta.com/www/upost_en.nsf
Kreshatik 22 (Metro station Maidan Nezalezhnosti)
tel 8 800 5004400 
You can send letters, packages, find post cards, make copy, print, use Internet

Postal Rates in UkrPoshta

Within Ukraine, UAH                   Other countries, USD          
    By ground By air
≤ 20g
20 – 50g
50 – 100g
100 – 250g
250 – 500g
500 – 1000g
1000 – 2000g



Post card 1,50 0,50 0,70
Postal wrapper
100 – 250g
250 – 500g
500 – 1000g
1000 – 2000g




We speak English!

Do you need a taxi within  Kiev or an airport transfer?

Do you want to travel to another city by car?

Call us +380 44 234 6992 or send an email to marina@go2kiev.com

We arrange the best transport for you fast!

Airoport Boryspol transfer 35 USD 
Airport Zhulyany transfer 15 USD

Payment possibility: Paypal


WiFi Connection Places

You can find free WIFI nearly in all restaurants, cafes and hotels in Kiev. There is also free WIFI at certain Metro Stations.

Courier services

These are companies that offer delivery services all over Ukraine and world wide

City Express
Bogdana Khmelnytskogo 26v, office 2
390 7790

CSD Kyiv
Vokzal'naya 1-7, office 20
585 0250

DHL Express
Lugovaya 9
490 2600

Frunze 12, office 320
490 9088

DPD Ukraine
Stolichnoe Shosse 100
499 1799

Mechnikova 20
280 0000

Phone: 495 2020
Deliveries worldwide  

SkyNet Worldwide Express
Degtiarevskaya 21
230 3866

TNT Express
Moskovskiy Prospekt 28a
Phone: 207 0770
Pony Express
Naberezhno-Lugovaya 12
428 7220

Price example:

Document envelope up to 500 grams Kiev - Prague costs 300 UAH.

Sending a package up to 500 grams Kiev - London costs 370 UAH.

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