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Cherkassy is one of the most picturesque cities on the right bank of the river Dnepr with population of 300 000 inhabitants.

The city was founded in late 13th century. In the 15th century Cossacks populated the Cherkassy region and the city became a mighty fortification against the raids of Turks and Crimean Tatars. For further defense against enemies, the Cherkassy castle was built (now the Hill of Glory). The city then developed around the castle. During the war of liberation between 1648 and 1654 Cherkassy fulfilled an important role as defense against Polish gentry headed by Ukrainian hetman B. Khmelnytsky.

The northern part of the city was planned in 1820 by the famous architect V.Geste like a chess-board, with wide streets and public gardens. Cherkassy is a prosperous city thanks to manufacture plants of trains and steamboats, the first sugar refinery of Ukraine and also a tobacco factory. Cherkassy became one of the main transit points for wood transported from the northern part on Dnepr. That is why you will find a lot of furniture companies here. In 1954 Cherkassy became the capital of a new region (called Cherkassy oblast, the youngest region of Ukraine) and since then the population grew five times.

Citizens of Cherkassy are proud of the city’s  cultural past connected with famous Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko, prominent painter, Ukrainian actress Maria Zankovetskaya, writers Ivan Karpenko-Kariy, Pavlo Tychyna, Lesj Homin, Vasil Symonenko,  K.Paustovskiy and others.

There is this very useful website for Cherkassy you find a directory for local information about Hotels, apartments, cottages and transport information  and more.
Useful city info:

Cherkassy has three state universities and several privately owned ones. There is Shevchenko Drama Theatre, the Cherkassy Philharmonic, Shevchenko Museum, Museum of Arts and also there is a Super League Basketball Club “Cherkassy’s Monkeys”.


The Hill of Glory with eternal flame is devoted to people who died in World War II. The Hill of Glory now stands where the Cherkassy castle was in the past.

The Park of October Anniversary is the green pearl of Cherkassy. You can admire a Cherkassy mermaid in the middle of a beautiful lake cascade or the Bridge of Love which is crossed by every local couple on the day of their marriage.

The St. Michael’s Cathedral was built in Byzantine style in 1994. The cathedral is 58 meters long, 53 meters wide and 72 meters high which makes it the tallest in Ukraine. It also has a capacity of hosting 12 thousand people.

The Shevchenko Museum is the oldest building still standing (built in 1852) and it is the house where Taras Shevchenko actually lived during his visits to the city.

in the Cherkassy Region you can find several farms which are founded  and run by foreigners.  We can recommend a visit of  Dukra Agro - if you do not want to stay on the farm  over night you can find a Hotel in Uman. The farm is 220 kms from Kiev - 30 kms before Kiev you find the street for DAZ and you turn at once to the left - always straight ahead for 20kms . 

You can also visit the Sofyivka Park

How to get to Cherkassy:

Cherkassy is 169 kilometers away from Kiev. It takes 2,5 hours by car. Or you can take a marshrutka (small  bus) from metro station Kharkovskaya or Vokzalna. The fare is 50-70 Hryvnas.

Where to stay:

Hotel Dnepr *** - Frunze 13, phone              (0472) 54 03 04        
Hotel Ukraine - Lesnaya 1, phone                (0472) 32 10 51
Aquadar Sanitarium - Lesnaya 1, phone     (0474) 86 20 29  
Apelsyn *** - Frunze 145, phone       
             (0474) 47 34 95
Hotel Rosava  - Frunze 28, phone                 (0472) 45 03 21

Where to eat:

Taras Buljba - Shevchenko Blvr 418, phone   (0472) 76 51 66        
Adriatika - Pasterovskaya 11, phone                (0472) 35 15 23        
Stary Gorod - Khreschatik 200, phone             (0472) 54 05 15        

Info portal:

Official city portal:

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