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Bridges in Kiev

Modern automobile bridges

Moskovskyi Bridge is 816 meters long, was designed by the architect A. V. Dobrovolsky and engineer G. B. Fux and was built in 1976. The bridge is connecting Petrovka to the densely populated north-eastern residential neighborhoods. From the moment of its construction the bridge was built as a high-speed motorway, which it remains to this day.

Metro Bridge engineered by G.B. Fux and Y. Inosov was built in 1965. The bridge is used for both the Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line of Kiev Metro and automobile traffic. It links the central Hydropark island as well as the left and right banks.

Paton Bridge is with 1543 meters the longest of the Dnipro bridges in the city. It was the first fully welded steel construction of such length in the world. It was opened in 1953 and it was the longest bridge in Europe at that time. The bridge was named after Evgeny Paton, the famous welding engineer who developed the technology for the structure. He died a few weeks before the construction was completed, never seeing his masterpiece.The bridge currently has 3 traffic lanes in both directions and one reversible lane connecting Pechersk to the Left Bank.

Pivdennyi Bridge (southern bridge) designed by the architect A. Gavrilov and engineered by G. B. Fux was built in 1990. It is the second metro bridge in Kiev, serving both the Syretsko-Pecherska metro line and automobile traffic. The bridge currently has 3 traffic lanes in both directions. It connects the Vydubychi to the rapidly developing left bank Darnytsia neighborhood, completing the southern end of the "inner circle" road route.

Podolskyi Railroad Bridge is made of steel trusses. It was originally built in 1929 and was known as Petrovskyi Bridge at that time. Like other bridges, it was damaged in the course of World War II, but it was not completely ruined and was reopened in 1944. The Podolskiy Railroad Bridge completes the railway circle around Kiev. However, it is limited to minor slow-speed rail traffic due to its age.

Darnytskyi Railroad Bridge
engineered by I. Barenboym and E. Radzevich, was built in 1949. It replaced an older bridge which was destroyed in the first days of the Great Patriotic War.

Pedestrian bridges

Harbour Bridge
is a steel bridge connecting the Podol neighborhood to the Rybalskyi Island over the Kiev Harbour. Since 1990, the bridge is reserved for pedestrians only

Park Pedestrian Bridge
 is a light construction 400 metres in length that connects Kiev to the Trukhanov Island. Opened in 1957, this is the only bridge constructed specifically for the pedestrian traffic over the Dnipro river.

Rusanovka Bridges

The Rusanovka Bridges were built in the 1960s over the Rusanovka Canal, connecting the neighborhood with the rest of Left Bank city. There are 5 bridges, 2 of them are exclusively pedestrian. The Rusanovka bridges are a popular place for amateur fishermen.

Bridges in construction

Kiev, experiencing a dramatic traffic growth since late 1990s, desperately needs more bridges to avoid traffic jams on and around existing ones. Two bridges are currently under construction and one more is planned according to the Kiev Development Plan.

Podolskyi Metro Bridge - The construction of a new 7 kilometer long metro/automobile bridge is underway on Trukhanov Island, on the midway between existing Moskovskyi Bridge and Metro Bridge. The bridge is a part of the future Podolsko-Voskresenska Line, and it will carry 3 lanes of auto traffic in both directions. However, the project is complicated by the serious land-owning, environmental and architecture-preserving issues. The construction is contracted by the Kiev municipality.

New Darnytskyi Bridge
- The construction of the new Darnitskyi automobile/railroad bridge is underway. The bridge is being constructing 50 metres north of the existing Darnytsia Railroad Bridge. The bridge will carry 2 lanes of railroad, and 6 lanes of car traffic. Following the construction of the bridge, a new railroad passenger station will be constructed on the Left Bank of the city.

As of end of 2006, one third of the bridge has been constructed. The construction is underway 24 hours a day and the first train is expected to run through the bridge in the second half of 2007.


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