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Business Associations

Business Associations

European Business Association
EBA - European Business Association 
Andrijivskyy uzviz Street 1a, Kiev, 04070, Ukraine
phone:                + 380 44 496 0601        
email: office@eba.com.ua
The European Business Association brings together over 750 European including national and international companies and works to improve the business climate in Ukraine. The EBA arose from the initiative of companies and organisations that saw advantages and benefits in the European business community in acting together.
The Association operates as an independent body responsible to its members. It acts as a platform for information exchange and dialogue with Ukrainian authorities. Being a non-profit Association of legal entities, the EBA sees its core mission as representing the interests of European and domestic investors in Ukraine, and improving the investment climate has been the EBA’s major concern since the moment it was founded. EBA offers its members regular information support, seminars, networking opportunities and social events.

The latest EBA news:

EBA ToastMaster Club:
Improve your English and Communication skills with EBA Toastmaster Club! We meet Mondays at 19.30 Melnykova 63.
For details call Irina 8 067 6059827/ 

EBA updates you find on our forum:

EBA:  Is the Premier Association for foreign businesses in Ukraine with more than 820 Members.

EBA Evening school:
The HR Evening School was organized by the HR Committee. It is aimed for young specialists with little experience in the HR field. The sessions cover key  issues that are discussed at the monthly meetings by HR experts from leading international and domestic companies.  Participation is free but only for EBA members of the committee.

 American Chamber of Commerce
AmCham - American Chamber of Commerce
Shovkovychna Street 42-44, Kiev 01601,Ukraine
phone:                +380 44 490 5800        
e-mail: acc@amcham.ua
The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine began its operations in June 1992 in order to establish a private non-governmental organization under which companies could meet together to achieve their common goals in Ukraine. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC, as well as the European Association of the American Chambers of Commerce. The American Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of the entire internationally oriented investment community operating in Ukraine. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine serves two main purposes: to support Member Companies operating in Ukraine and to promote the entrance of new foreign investors into Ukraine.

International Centre for Policy Studies
International Centre for Policy Studies
ICPS is an independent think-tank promoting the public policy concepts and practices in Ukraine through high-quality economic and policy analyses coupled with direct work with the government as well as NGO's, business and academia. If you need accurate, timely information concerning Ukraine's economy and politics, consider publications from the International Centre for Policy Studies. ICPS publishes Ukraine's only Consumer Confidence report and is recognized for its Economic Statistics and Quarterly Predictions publications, which are used by international firms and the diplomatic corps in Kiev to make sense of the array of economic information released by the Ukrainian government.

The UK - Ukraine Professional Network
The UK - Ukraine Professional Network
Hryhoriya Skovorody Street 4/12, Kiev 04070, Ukraine
phone:                +380 44 490 5600        
e-mail: Victor.Kyrylenko@britishcouncil.org.ua
The UUPN Mission works to promote the transfer of the best UK and international expertise to Ukrainian organizations and individuals, including UUPN members, to develop closer economic, cultural, scientific, and political ties between Ukraine and UK, and to further Ukraine's integration into Europe.

DWK Deutscher Wirtschaftsklub

Bürohaus "Horizon Tower", 15. Stock
Sgivkovzchna Str. 42-44
01601 Kiew, Ukraine
phone:     +380 44 498 49 96
fax:          +380 44 490 55 29
e-mail:     office@dwk.kiev.ua

Mit der Gründung des Deutschen Wirtschaftsklubs (DWK) ist die deutsche Gemeinschaft in der Ukraine ihrem dringenden Bedürfnis nachgegangen, sich frei und selbstbestimmt zu organisieren und sich eine der Bedeutung der deutschen Wirtschaft in der Ukraine angemessene Plattform und Vertretung zu geben. Der DWK soll dabei nicht nur den gemeinsamen wirtschaftlichen Interessen seiner Mitglieder dienen, sondern auch das soziale und kulturelle Zusammenleben fördern. Neben der Pflege der Kontakte innerhalb des Wirtschaftsklubs ist unser Anliegen und Anspruch zugleich, ein wichtiges Sprachrohr deutscher Unternehmen im Dialog mit Persönlichkeiten und Vertretern der ukrainischen Politik, Wirtschaft, Verbände und Nichtregierungsorganisationen zu sein.



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