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Help us reach our goal - providing needy yet skilled women with work while getting yourself a unique purse or pillows! Contact: beate@abea.com.ua
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Clothes & Accessories 
Shop fashion's top names for women, men, and kids.

The best places to shop for food, drinks, toiletries and other basic needs.


Online food shopping in English
Enjoy a new experience with World of Gourmet (Svit Gurmaniv)


Places where you can find books in English and other languages, where to get used books or exchange your old books in English.

Shopping Malls
List of Kiev shopping malls including the traditional Central Department Store on Kreshatyk as well as the key modern shopping malls.

Interesting and cheap places to shop in Kiev - where to buy anything from food to pets.

From basics to luxury cosmetics - find your favorite brand in Kiev, find where you can get discounts and other details.

Online flower shops with delivery in Kiev, florist studios and some extra information about flowers.

For any occassion, there is a store in Kiev where you will find just the right gift. Wrapping services are listed too!

Something to bring from Ukraine to your friends or family or to keep as a memory for yourself.

Sports Shops
Check out a selection of stores carrying sporting goods. From sneakers to horseriding gear and more.

Antique Shops
There are numerous antique shops in Kiev selling from small items to large piece of furniture. Enjoy shopping and observe the export rules.

All the furniture stores you will need in Kiev.

Car Dealers
If you live in Kiev, maybe you will decide to buy a car to go around Ukraine. Here is where to look.

Home Improvement Stores
The biggest shops where you can find sanitary, engineering, linoleum, building materials and much more....

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Make your shopping routine in Kiev easy and fun. Buy food book with list of different products in English, French, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Rassian spelling in latin letters

Cost per person
$ = 5 -10 USD
$$ = 10 - 20 USD
$$$ = 20 - 50 USD
$$$$ = over 50 USD

Discount Card
CB = Carte Blanche
KK = Kozyrna Karta
MK = Mirova Karta
PP = Pass Paradis
RR = Rostick Restaurants

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