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Birth Control Necklace


Dear friend,
Maybe a friend, helper, doctor or teacher will read my letter to you if you cannot read it yourself. I am a gynaecologist and I have often talked with women in poor countries of this world about one big problem: how is it possible to recognize, in a simple and easy way, the fertile and infertile days during the menstrual cycle. Alone through knowing about it, much sorrow and many unplanned pregnancies can be prevented, pregnancies, which take strength and which many cannot afford. Condoms may not be available or may be too expensive. You may not want to be sterilized, to take pills, a three-month- njection, nor to insert an IUD (intra uterine device). You want to decide for yourself: You want to know how your monthly cycle works and you have a right to know it. This knowledge I want to teach you with the help of the Birth Control Necklace in a very simple and easily way. The Birth Control Necklace has 30 beads and a rubber ring. The number of the beads corresponds to the average number days of the woman’s cycle. The colours of the beads symbolize:

(like sand and desert
(like rain or a blue lake, moisture

The movable rubber ring will be moved over only one bead daily, always starting from the thin end of the bead over the thick end. This is only possible in one direction so that you cannot make a mistake. Before you start to get to know your cycle by the Birth Control Necklace, the rubber ring must be located in front of the red startbead. The first day of your bleeding is the day you start. This is very important. Just as important is the regular application of the necklace. Pull the rubber ring one bead farther every day at the same time so that it will become a habit to you. To avoid forgetting in the first time join it preferably with another habit, for example move the rubber ring before you drink a cup of coffee in the morning. The colour of the beads lets you know whether it is a fertile or infertile day. On the yellow days with the little blue markings you need only to be cautious, if it is very important for you to avoid pregnancy for certain. On these days you can only gt pregnant in rare cases. On the last days before your menstruation you can not get pregnant at all. Your menstruation can already start when you are still on the last yellow beads, or it can happen, that it has not started yet, when you finished all the yellow beads. It is only important that on the first day of bleeding you start with the first red starter bead. The Birth Control Necklace might not only help you to avoid an unwanted pregnancy but also to plan a wanted child. Knowing the probably fertile time by using the necklace you will also start to learn to feel your fertile days: if you touch your vagina with your pointer finger during the fertile days, you will feel clearly increased a very wet, slimy secretion witch feels like raw egg white between two fingers. This is a sign of highest fertility. You can also feel other signs of fertility: Stretching of your breasts or a sudden pain in the lower belly (abdomen) – most likely between the 13th and 16th day of the cycle. The you have perhaps even felt clearly your ovulation. After three to six months – when you have learned by the use of the necklace to become certainly aware of the bodies signs of
your cycle - you can pass on the necklace to a friend or your daughter. Usually the necklace is not a piece of jewellery, women don’t want that other people know their days. Then put it in a small bag on your belt, store it in a small container near your breakfast place or hang in on a wall. Make sure
that it is out of reach of children. I wish you that this necklace makes you happy while you use it, maybe that you want a child or that you want to avoid a pregnancy. Use your knowledge about your cycle to become a healthy, happy woman and a responsible mother.

Dr. Maria Hengstberger
Gynaecologist in Vienna

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