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Stan Hohel

Interview with Stan Hohel
New Age Psychologist


GO2KIEV:  Tell us about Ukraine’s contemporary viewpoints regarding counseling and psychotherapy?

In Ukraine there is a reawakening of modern traditions, psychotherapy, and east-west religions since the 1990’s.  It was a time when the Slavs have nearly lost their collective memory working towards spiritual self. The recent close relations with the eastern and western countries became an indispensable means of conceiving our own spiritual identity which was activated by western psychotherapy and eastern developmental technologies such as meditation, yoga, and martial arts.
On the contrary, at the present Ukrainian cultures as well as national traditions of spirituality are awakening.  Thus, the mark of time is developmental groups that are in mainstream Ukrainian and Slavic culture.  Ukraine, and specifically the Dnipro basin, covering 80% of its territory, is rich in monuments of ancient cultures.  Contemporary generations realize Ukraine represents an enormous wealth of archaeological landmarks and burial grounds and is a storehouse of national spiritual power. Now these powers start to work together with traditions of other countries creating an enormous trend to changes.

GO2KIEV: Generally speaking, how does this affect people?

We are entering the New Age, the time of stunning and sometimes shocking changes in minds, life-styles and environments.  The key feature of the coming New Era is acceleration of time.  That means all our dreams as well as our fears make a shorter distance to become real than they did ten years ago. Another specialty of the 21st age is that we often feel we have started a new life without changing the body. We witness one’s successes or failures in a dramatically short period, which has not been common before.

GO2KIEV:  How do we learn to implement changes of thoughts relating to our dreams or failures?

We humans possess an unconscious layer of the brain of which 95% is not being utilized. Scientists have measured the capacity of what humans use and it’s roughly between 3-5% of cells that are being used in everyday life. The rest can be used when higher knowledge and consciousness are activated.  That’s where Instinct/Intuition of Super Consciousness comes into focus by learning how to expand and use the whole mind.  By accessing this higher power one can significantly reduce stress and anxiety; improve mental and emotional well-being; awaken potential for long-term growth; dramatically increase self-awareness; take creativity and motivation to new levels and reach deep into the subconscious mind for life solutions.  You see, the positive manifestations are endless.

GO2KIEV:  How do we develop these skills?

Among the methods that I use in counseling are meditation, cleansing of traumatic past or karmic layering, as well as locating and speaking with an authentic voice.   These life skills assist in the areas of how to work through unfinished business through relationships/metaphysical contracts with people and with one’s soul.   This allows for a faster process to overcome obstacles that are related to emotional, relationship, monetary and spiritual matters.   When we violate spiritual laws, which some of us interpret as the Ten Commandments or the laws of karma, there comes into action the generative force of energy that returns to us in like kind…what we reap is what we sow.   There are great meanings in these laws to condition mind and emotions to make right life choices.

GO2KIEV:  Can these negative manifestations affect our physical health and well-being?

I’m glad you asked that.  We often regard ‘dis-ease’ as a disorder which must be immediately managed and be-done-with.  We believe that suffering is not normal and do our best to fight our health problems with medical counseling and medications. Unfortunately, medical treatment alone is not able to cure all parts of the self.  When we forget it, we fight the consequences without understanding the true reasons of our illness.  Nowadays, more people start to regard physical disorders as signals of our spiritual suffering.  In fact, illness is simple negative feedback from one’s body which is a part of the more complicated system name “human being”.  In many cases this kind of feedback tells one that the spiritual self is working in an insufficient or ineffective manner.

GO2KIEV:  Does that mean we create our own illness?

Yes, it does. But as far we are not conscious of the way we create it, it is more correct to say that we influence our health. Mostly we do not realize that kind of power to create illness or disease but we certainly can realize an influential factor.  One can say that ‘your biography becomes your biology’.  You are one and the same with your life and history. Relationships and material possessions; such as, money, status, power are affective to our health. Alike, events that you have not reconciled, haven’t forgiven, haven’t let go of, and are carried as debt into your cell tissue.  Psychological counseling can aid in successes of health due to the openness to spiritual work and the strong will to change oneself.  This leads to changes in which opportunities are unimaginable.

GO2KIEV:   Share with us the meaning of how change can lead to opportunities.

The truth I have unveiled in the course of my psychological practice and self-development:  illness is always an opportunity.    There are opportunities to focus and realign oneself to the lifestyles uniting the material and spiritual world.  Unfinished or unresolved business will contaminate the act of creation for a more purposeful life.    It really a very simple concept:  Change is good.  Life is a bilateral union of 49% of opportunity and 49% danger.  Add the 2% of the personal creative force and the scales dip dramatically thus manifesting your reality.  
Stan Hohel is an English speaking psychologist and able to provide counseling in the Russian, Ukrainian, and French languages and is adaptable to cross-cultural differences.  Provides counseling for developmental matters an d spiritual growth, anger and depression management; mood disorders; marital infidelity; alcohol and drug abuse; divorce and family issues.   Privacy guaranteed.    Email address: hohel@ukr.net

 The GO2KIEV team is open to providing a free open house meeting in which guests are invited to ask questions and receive answers from Stan. This meeting can result in a permanent developmental English speaking group or to give you an opportunity for further counseling with Stan.   Contact angela@go2kiev.com if interested in attending such a meeting.



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