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Car Rental & Driving

Car Rentals in Ukraine

To rent a car in Ukraine , you will need a valid driving license and a credit card.The major international brands have offices in Kiev city or at the airport as well as in major cities like Yalta, Ivano Frankovsk and other places. Renting a car is quite expensive in Ukraine. Some companies offer a discount if you book the car online, for example with Hertz you will get 5% off this way.

At Sixt, the cheapest rental is Daewoo Lanos starting at $56per day. Estate (combi) and minivan models are available as well. At Hertz, the cheapest rental is Ford Fiesta starting at 60 euro per day. Avis rates start from 35 euro per day for a car type Ford Fusion . Europcar offers Renault Clio from 35 euro per day.Important: Mobile Parking has been introduced by Kievytransparkservice.It is new innovative project for the citizens of Kiev, which allows to carry calculations of parking services of cars by mobile telephone.


Avis Yamskaya 72 502 2010
490 1088
Gorkogo 48a
Boryspol Airport Kiev
238 2691
281 7737
Zdolbynivskaya 7d
Boryspol Airport Kiev
492 3270
281 7616
Car Rental Services
279 7092
Grata Car Rentals
Mihailovskyy Provulok 9a
451 5377
Dmitrievskaya 46
490 8158
Staronavodnitskaya 4, office 43
491 8424
Aston Martin Kiev
Bohdana Hmelnitskogo 19-21
393 70 70

At Smart:Rent-a-Car, the cheapest rental is Daewoo Matiz at 45 USD per day. Exclusive models such as Smart fortwo, New Beetle Cabrio and Mini Cooper are availiable from Smart:FUN collection.

Driving to Ukraine

Through Hungary (EU)
You will need to buy a sticker to use the motorways. Stickers are available for usually 2 weeks, 1 month or 1 year. There are no tolls on the roads in Hungary. The directions are well placed and easy to follow but going through Budapest can be lengthy. About 100 km before the border crossing Chop, the motorway ends but the road from there is in good condition. Fuel prices in Hungary are the same as in other EU countries. At the border in Chop there is efficient passport and customs control. You need a valid passport and the technical passport of your car.
Through Slovakia (EU)
You will need to buy a sticker to use the motorways here too. There are fewer motorways and you need to drive through narrow, twisting mountain roads so the trip can feel longer. Fuel prices are the same as in other EU countries. The directions are good so you won’t get lost. The border crossing Uzhgorod is usually busy and there are long waiting times. All cars are checked as there is no separate lane for EU cars.
Through Poland (EU)
You don’t need to buy a motorway sticker when entering Poland but you will have to stop and pay toll at the booths. They do not accept credit cards but you can pay with Euro. There are very good roads and motorways. The queues at the border with Ukraine are ok if you are entering Ukraine. We, however, recently experienced a very, very long wait to go from Ukraine to Poland and hadn’t we cheated in the queue and talked to one of the guards into preferential treatment, we could have spent ten hours there. With these mitigating circumstances it ‘only’ took us five hours to get through. The recommended border crossing is Przemysl which has a good road to Lvov, from Lvov you can continue to Rovne and further to Kiev.

Driving in Kiev and Ukraine

General rules
Have your documents in order and with you while you're driving. To go around Ukraine by car you'll have to purchase an environmental ticket when you cross the border.  To drive somebody else's car you will need to get the authorization letter which can be done quickly at a notary office. The roads in Ukraine aren't the best ones. Coming to Ukraine by car is not a problem if you have all documents for the car and visa if needed.

There is zero Tolerance on alcohol when driving in Ukraine - so even one glasscould be an expensive mistake being stopped or involved into an accident.  
It is bligatory for both the driver and the passenger to wear selt belts.
Children should always sit in the back, ideally in a special car seat or at least wearing seatbelts.

Traffic Fines

No seat belt or helmet, illegal crossing by pedestrians 51-85 UAH
Using cell phone, illegal overtaking, failure to observe distance 425-510 UAH
Speeding through a red light, illegal parking 510-680 UAH or 30-40hrs of social work or license confiscation for 6-12 months
Failing to stop at inspector's demand 153-187 UAH or license confiscation for 3-8 months
Fleeing after causing an accident 255-306 UAH or 30-40 hrs of public work or 10-15 days of arrest
Driving without driver's license or car insurance 340-425 UAH
Drunk driving, driving on drunks, refusal to take a blood test 2 250-3 400 UAH or license confiscation for 1-2 years or 40-50 hrs of social work or 7 days under arrest for first time offenders or license confiscation for 2-3 years for repeat offenders or 50-60 hrs of social work or 10-15 days of arrest for repeat offenders, license and car confiscation for 10 years if caught the 3rd time in one year
Causing personal injury in an accident 3 400-8 500 UAH
Source: State Automotive Inspection (DAI)


Speed limits
Town - 60 km/h sometimes a sign for 40km/h
open road - 90 km/h sometimes 110 kph
motorway - 130 kph

Petrol prices
95 petrol - approx. 6.50 - 7.00 UAH per litre

Parking in Kiev
The Kyivtransparkservice agency has announced that starting in February 2008, drivers will have to pay to park downtown. The closer they get to the center, the higher the price will be. The hourly parking rate will be 3, 5, and 7 Hryvnas depending on the area. Daily parking will cost 9,15 and 21 Hryvnas and monthly parking will amount to 126, 210 and 294 Hryvnas. This approach to Kiev’s crazy traffic situation will hopefully have a positive effect. The parking tickets will go on sale at kiosks in February. Fines increased and  up to 5.000 driver's licenses have been withdrawn recently and traffic jams seem to have decreased.  

When you get stopped
In Ukraine there is zero tolerance for drink and drive. If you do drink and drive (why would you do that?) and get stopped you can try to get away with a bribe of 100 USD. With speed the standard is 20 UAH if it is 20-30 km more, and 30 UAH - for other. 50 UAH is a large fine - only if you start to quarrel or they chase you on the streets :-)


We speak English!

Do you need a taxi within  Kiev or an airport transfer?

Do you want to travel to another city by car?

Call us +380 44 234 6992 or send an email to marina@go2kiev.com

We arrange the best transport for you fast!

Airoport Boryspol transfer 35 USD 
Airport Zhulyany transfer 15 USD

Payment possibility: Paypal


Distances in Europe



























Distances in Ukraine

Route Km
Kiev-Cherkassy 201
Kiev-Dneprop. 479
Kiev-Donetsk 729
Kiev-Ivano Frank. 599
Kiev-Kharkov 487
Kiev-Lvov 544
Kiev-Lugansk 836
Kiev-Nikolaev 517
Kiev-Odesa 480
Kiev-Poltava 343
Kiev-Simferopol 852
Kiev-Ternopil 465

Bringing your car
Information about temporary import of vehicles to Ukraine in PDF file. You can open or download and save the document. Click here

Madness on the road 
Sad statistics and situation on Kiev roads. Will it improve?

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