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John Farell

John Farrell: Singer, Songwriter, Author and Storyteller
Family Concert on Sunday, March 29 at 15:00


John Farrell, an internationally acclaimed artist, has been called “The Children’s Ambassador” for he shares his songs and stories about Peace, Love, Understanding, Respect, Reading, and Writing.  John has visited schools and been a keynote speaker in South Africa, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, France, Hungary, Japan and Canada.

“There’s a universal language”, says John Farrell, “and it’s understood from America to Spain to South Africa to Japan because it brings people to together.”    For over fifteen years, Farrell has taken songs and stories of peace, love and tolerance to classrooms and educational seminars around the world.   His latest endeavor is a song called “We Are Walking a Bridge of Peace.”   Farrell wrote the song after a recent trip to South Africa where he saw terrible poverty as well as the tragedy of an AIDS epidemic.   He was especially moved by the children orphaned because of the disease.

“I had the dream of finding a way for people in one part of the world to understand people in other parts,” Farrell said.  “Children in particular, but not just children.  Music and stories are the universal way of expressing our desires and concerns.”

John has recorded five CD’s including,  Oh Yeah!, The Sons and Daughters, How About You, Touch the Sky, and Season of Light, Hope, and Peace.  Johns wrote songs for and performed in The Great Earth Sing-Along music video, which won a Parent’s Choice Award.

John founded the interactive cultural exchange and educational project called “Bridges of Peace & Hope.”  The website enables students and teachers to visit and post poetry, stories, songs, and other forms of artistic expression which allows young people to express  themselves  and gain a deeper understanding of people who live in other cultures.  The “Bridges of Peace & Hope” will produce materials , strategies and lessons plans that will enable teachers and  students to explore topics relevant toward  the goal of goodwill, expansion of awareness, and promoting of actions that reach out to others.  Materials may include music, video, thought provoking photographs, and artwork.  Recommended books, magazines, and websites will be included when appropriate.

Further examples of “Bridges of Peace & Hope” are:  writing a letter to a “pen pal” in another country; participating in a food or clothing drive to help disaster victims or homeless people; learning to say some words and phrases in another language; reading about people and places that are unfamiliar to you; welcoming a newcomer to your school or neighborhood; having a art festival or poetry reading; writing a story or essay that tells the story about things we can do to help others.

John Farrell Concert Tickets are 60 UAH each.  Reserve your seats by emailing your name and number of tickets needed to pace@rocketmail.com

Limited seating is available at the Teacher’s House located at 57 Volodymyrivska (near Metro Teatralna or Zoloti Vorota  (Golden Gates).


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