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Timetable of services in Orthodox churches in Kiev

Monday - Friday: 07:10 and 17:00
Weekends and religious holidays: 08:00 and 19:10

Vydubychi Monastery
Vydubychi Monastery is an architectural ensemble situated on a picturesque bank of the Dnieper. Its history spans for more than 900 years. It was built in mid XI century by Prince Vsevolod, son of Yaroslav the Wise (2 Hryvna banknote). The Monastery consistsof St. Archangel Mykhail Church, St. Georg Church and the Spaska Church built in Ukrainian baroque style.
Address: near Pecherska Lavra
Service: Monday -Friday                    07:10 and 17:00
Weekends and religious holidays: 08:00 and 19:10
Divine liturgy:  Sundays 10:00  


St. Vladimir Cathedral
While strolling through the beautiful Schevchenko boulevard one can stop and admire the yellow church in front of metro University. This church is known to be the first Ukrainian Orthodox cathedral (not Russian Orthodox). It was built in 1882 by Rudolf Berngardt. Before that, in 1852 people started in the donation of money for the construction of Cathedral, but the collected sum was not enough and the Russian emperror intefered. Its cconstruction was challenged by lack of funds and engineer incompetence. Ukrainian and Russian artists made a lot of decoration inside the Cathedral, among them were V. Vasnetsov, M. Vrubel, M. Pymonenko and others. Despite all the difficulties the Cathedral was successfully built and has survived some wars and gained Kiev citizens' respect and love.
Address: Schevchenko Boulevard 20
service:    Monday -  Friday:              07:10 and 17:00             
Weekends and religious holidays: 08:00 and 19:10
Divine liturgy: Sunday 10:00


Cyril Church
The namme of this church comes from Cyril, a Kievian Rus monk, who helped Methodius translate scripture into the  Slavic tongue which was the first introduction of script (written language) in Kiev Rus. The church was buil in the middle of the IX century in place called Dorogozhychi not far from Babyn Yar. The construction was initiated by Vsevolod and finished by his widow Maria. During its existence the church was in desolation for many years. In XVIII century it finally assumed its modern aspect in typical baroque style.
Olena Teliga Street 42


Central Kiev Synagogue.
Kiev Synagogue has turned into a symbol of struggle of Jude people for their rights and freedoms. It was built in 1898 by George Sleifer. Famous Ukrainian jude Lazar Brodsky asked the Russian government permission to build teh Synagogue and it was agreed. Unfortunately with the arrival of Soviets Synagogue was closed and turned into the dining hall of electricians. During its existence different people occupied Synagogue. Only in 1992 according to the President's Act it was returned to the Jude Community.
Tel: 235 9082
Shota Rustaveli Street 13


St Katherina German Evangelian-Lutheran Community 
Tel:  253 6319
Fax: 279 5123
Luteranska 22
Saturday   16:00 for Children
Sunday     10:00   
Priest: Mr.Ralf Haska


St. Alexander's Catholic  Church 
Tel: 279 7309
Kostolnaya 17
Mass in English: 08:45 on Sundays
Mass in Polish:    08:00 and 12:00

St. Nicholas Catholic Church
Tel: 269 5678
Krasnoarmiskaya 77
Mass in Polish 11:00
Religious Union for Progressive Jewish Congregation of Ukraine Ha Tikva
Tel 00380 45 235 1379 E-mail rupjcu@ukr.net
Kabbalat Shabbt Service on Fri 19:00 in Hebrew and Ru
Shabbat morning service 11:00
Torah reading Saturday   14:00 

Evangelic Presbyterian Church of the Holy Trinity
Tel 00380 45 246 7576 E-mail ibespalov@mail.ru
T. Shevchenko Blv 50?52 ap 402 4th floor
Services in Eng Sunday 09:15 and 12:00


Islamic Social Cultural center
Dehtyarovska 25a E-mail office@arraid.org
Tel: 00380 45 4909900



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