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Children's Embassy
Adolphi Organization and was established by Mirjam and Boas Adolphi who have lived in Ukraine for over 13 years. The aim of their work is to help orphans, homeless children and other children at risk. The activities are funded by sponsors and grants. There is an office in Kiev where children can come and in Pisky, about 80 kilometers north-east from Kiev there is a rehabilitation center for homeless and otherwise disadvantaged children called Friends' House. There are currently 14 children living in the house including two babies. Before getting in this center most of the children were victims of domestic violence, torture, rape, incest, neglection. It often takes up to two years for them to recover and start living normally though mostly they still have problems with sleep, darkness and sharing their emotions and feelings. There are about 500,000 homeless children in Ukraine.

What is the Friends' House
The Friends' House now shelters 14 children and Adolphi organization has worked with some of them for over 9 years. They transformed an abandoned kindergarden in Pisky to be able to accommodate the worst cases. There are several caretakers and also volunteers from Sweden and Finland come during summer and winter usually for one month. A part of effective help and therapy also provide two dogs - they play with the children (they're very good at football we found out!), keep them company when the kids are sad and particularly help the kids sleep. They go from bed to bed and lie down with the child until it falls asleep. The house is modest but cosy, the children can decorate their rooms as they please to feel at home, they all help with the housework and share duties.

Presentation of the work of Children's Embassy
Here you can read and download the presentation about the activies of Children's Embassy in a PDF file. You can help already by reading the document and if possible, distributing it to other people that may find it interesting. Children's Embassy Presentation

What to donate?

baby clothes
the home has two babies and needs clothes and supplies of baby stuff, ask your mum what to provide..

school materials
schoolbags, notebooks, pens, paper and all that - just recall your school years and you'll know

any voluntary help with medical check-ups and advice is appreciated

food supplies
donations in form of vouchers or any other way are always welcome, nobody likes to be hungry!

Donate your products or sponsor the home by providing useful services

give things
We all have stuff we don't need - bring it in! Clothes, toys, books and other items in good condition are appreciated

sponsor a child
Donate a small amount monthly to allow a child to stay in home environment and receive all necessary care.

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